Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 2

There is too much to write about the MTC and how amazing it is. It is the most spiritually peaceful place on earth there is besides the temple. I love both. My Cantonese/gospel teachers are all so inspiring and uplifting. I want to continue my life when I get back so I can always feel the spirit this strongly. I thought I'd never say this, but -- an hour of scripture study is just not enough time!!! The more you read, the more you need to read. I've grown indefinitely since I've gotten here and only hope to continue striving to develop Christlike attributes and becoming the best missionary/person I can become. It feels like I have been here forever because we fit so much into each day, but it is perfect. I've gained so many little testimonies since I've been here, so I'll pick and choose which ones I'll talk about each week.

I love the power of prayer. Heavenly Father sincerely listens. He can and will comfort you. I've felt it in my prayers while being here. If you have concerns or questions about your life that are worrying you (something for me was the character of hope), if you live your life in alignment with the Father's will and allow the Holy Ghost to be felt in your life, you will be guided to make the best decisions for yourself. Trust in the Lord's plan. You can find answers yourself. Through studying the scriptures deeply and praying and writing down the things that you learn, you will come to find the truth. You can ask Heavenly Father to help you to desire to change your heart. That is one of my deepest testimonies. With faith, Heavenly Father can change your very being so that you will WANT to change and be better. You simply have to ask with real intent.

I want you all to know that I love you all very much and am praying for you. I hope that you are all living with the ultimate goal in mind, to become the Heavenly Kings and Queens that I know you have the full potential to be.

To all my younger siblings, I want you to know that this is the best decision I have made. I am happy to sacrifice a small amount of time in my life so that others can be with their families for eternities. And I know that I will and already have changed and blessed my life so I can feel the spirit more strongly and live in accordance with the most happiness possible. This gospel is real. If you don't know that, you need to find out for yourself.

Waih JiMuih
Sister Wilcox

I love the letters that some have sent during the week. Thanks so much. I don't have time to respond to everything, but I certainly read them, so special thanks for the inspiring messages.

Here's my traditional missionary map picture and a picture of me and my companion.

These are the missionaries learning Cantonese. Can you find me? The next day, most shipped out leaving 2 elders and 14 sisters.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Week 1

I am really feeling the gift of tongues while learning Cantonese.I would not be learning this quickly without the Lord's help. You are so right, Grandpa, about line upon line. I was very stressed and exhausted Saturday, but then I remembered my mission motto: Be calm and have joy! My setting apart said: Have courage and be kind! Jessica reminded me of this in her wishes to me at my farewell party. It's not a race to learn, and I'm actually learning a lot. The more I focus on the spirit and my personal study of the scriptures, the more peaceful I am. I just need to be calm and enjoy the language. Learning the tones makes reading the language easy. The top, middle, and bottom tones are like the song "Please, please, please." Then there are just a couple of falling and rising tones in between. Pretty simple. My Chinese name is Waih Jimuhl. I can't put the tones in above the words.

I'm thankful for all the support from family and friends. The MTC food is tasty and has a large selection of healthy. YUM! I also love the peace and the spirit at the MTC. It's unlike anywhere else other than the temple. The zone leaders are inspiring and beautiful. My district is hard working and kind. My companion is a kind, loving, beautiful soul.

Going to the temple is my favorite part so far. I've seen a bunch of missionaries from my BYU ward here. They are just glowing. My branch consists of Hmong (California), Thai, Cambodian, and Cantonese. My district is amazing. I'm getting used to and liking the strict schedule now, to be honest.

I love the thought of turning outward by Elder Bednar and "The Character of Christ." The mission and life in general will be hard, but as we turn outwards and love/serve/focus on others, we become happy. I've also learned that as we lose ourselves in the service of others, that's when we find ourselves. Having hope for the future is important. Don't worry about outcomes, or have doubt that you'll fine the right partner, or get a job. If you are living your life worthily and doing the Lord's will, then you must trust in him and his plan. Then everything will work out.

GOAL: Everyone should go to the temple at least once in the next two months!

Ngoi leihde! (I love you all)
Ngoh ngoi Fukyam (I love the gospel)
Ngoh ngoi gamjeh bei yauh Chyungaause ge Gewuih (I'm thankful for this mission opportunity)
Ngoh Jidouh Yesouh Geduk hiah weutchyuk ge. (I know that Jesus lives)
Fuhng Yesou Geduk ge ming, amun. (in the name of Jesus Christ, amen)
I don't know how do write the tones on the computer, so don't google it!)

Sister Wilcox