Sunday, July 10, 2016

Week 38

Aurelia is on medical leave in Australia. The blog will resume when she returns to the mission field.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 37

I will know the changes tomorrow because it is transfers. I have been with my trainer for 6 months (3 transfers because we have long transfers here) so who knows what will happen :)

We have been meeting with Yan more. And the Relief Society started the ABL's this Sunday. Good things. We also got her to start messaging some of the Relief Society members (phone) and they are really sweet/ are befriending her. I'm so glad she is slowly starting to become part of the ward family!!! Sister Chan is learning well as well. She is a solid baptismal date (July 10) :)

We also have loved reading scriptures with investigators during lessons. Recently we have been focusing on Jacob 3 and 3 Nephi 11. Both really good scriptures. Jacob 3 is really great to apply personally, and then 3 Nephi 11 is always inspiring (Christ!).

It is God's will for me to serve 18 months on this mission (no matter the trials... I got a priesthood blessing and this was specifically said, so I will be serving fully-- D&C4-- with all my heart and to the finish!). So that is what I will be doing, no matter what it takes. I love this Gospel and I have faith that the Lord will provide a way. Christ understands perfectly each of our lives, needs, and hardships.

But I am great right now so no worries!! I love this Gospel, and am growing in faith. I hope that you all will do so as well.

Sister Wilcox


Visiting Filipina sisters in the international ward
Yan is a model
New foods---including salted duck egg
Asian food market
Hiking in our beautiful area--Tuen Mun.
You can see the heritage museum in the distance (has Bruce Lee, ancient Chinese historic art, and currently a Monet exhibit!) We visited with an investigator Iris.
Bruce Lee
Me standing on the bridge of "Monet's garden" (I have a picture on the actual one too, hehe). The art exhibit was really amazing though.
Youth missionary activity
Our new district (because of zone changes, butterfly and castle peak aren't in our district or zone anymore!! but they are still in the Tuen Mun apartments so we still go to Crossroad together and do English class together). We are now with Tin Shui Wai, Tin Sau, and Hung Shui Kiu. They found a minion in the trash and put a name tag on it. And are trying to make it hold a hymn book. Yeah.. Lol. They are fun
Elder Andersen goes home this week! Jackie is baptized now :) They are great elders. This is Elder Jensen playing with two of the cutest little members... from the Yu family
English class
Star of the show: Alex (we were playing an english class game and he took over). "If we win do we get a prize?" -Sister Hoxer. "No, but I can give you a kiss." -Alex. Hahahaha. Elder Andersen guessed the right dinosaur and got a kiss on the cheek (this kid learns all his english from youtube and walks around his grandmas house speaking english and she doesn't know any. It is really funny).
Teaching Purple on exchange with Sister Lo.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Week 36

You asked about the youth programs in our Hong Kong stake. They have a good youth program. They have youth conferences (Carman, a member gave me a t-shirt from one of them and I sent it home).

Sister Villasin is my sister my mother (trainer) my baby (learned and grown so much from each other). I feel so happy and productive and we are working super effectively and loving our lives. Our companionship unity is really great. We really love each other and the missionaries serving around us.

This week we were able to meet with Sister Tsang. She is so sweet. I am really thankful she is close now with her visiting teacher, Sister Wong. Sister Tsang really cares about us, and remembers to pray everyday. She has a strong testimony and uses Gospel Principles to care for us and help us out in our lives/ service. She also has been super excited and showing us old certificates and things from when she got baptized a long time ago (in 1996, exactly 4 months after I was born)!

We also met with Sandy. She is also progressing! We gave her a chapel tour and she prayed for the first time. She told us she believed the words we were saying about the Gospel. It was really nice. She chenged us to a very traditional bundeih meal with clear noodles and pig parts (ear, intestine, idk). It made us sick but it was interesting/ an experience!

The Hung Sui Kiu district (our district now) helped do a district find with companionships placed at different chyuhns all around the Tuen Mun area (all 6 companionships... biggest district in Hong Kong)! It was really sweet of all of them though. Our work/ ward needs support. I think it really lifted ours and the elders spirits at the time.

Sister Chan asked for an earlier baptism date. Her son will baptize her on July 3 :) Sunday, we taught her the Plan of Salvation and Gospel of Jesus Christ with her son (a twin, return missionary). He testified and helped clarify a bunch of things for her. It was an extremely spiritual, special lesson. We love her so much. She is so sweet. We also were able to help someone named Iris and reminded her to read the scriptures every day. I love the Daily Bread video (watch all 3).

I've learned to really trust leaders/ those called in this work. It is amazing how much I've learned this past week. Everything is so bright and positive and beautiful around. I'm ready for the change that is coming, and will accept happily any responsibility given. Tuen Mun is a lovely ward/ area. And this mission means everything to me. This Gospel is so true.

Sister Wilcox

No pictures this week.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Week 35

This past week we gave a Book of Mormon to Sally on my birthday at Crossroads. We wrote our testimonies in it and a sweet message plus a picture together. She means a lot to us. Sister Wong (the Bishop's wife) took us out to dinner on my birthday at an Italian restaurant which was nice. We were able to discuss missionary work and the plan to get more young women (she is the young women leader and there is currently only one in the ward).

We went to Causeway Bay and looked around (the big city area) the other day. This P-Day we will be saying goodbye to one of the Filipino sisters who is leaving.

Language pass offs are great. I really learn a lot and am uplifted by the zone leaders' examples. We have been doing a lot of calls for finding and it has been pretty effective! Sister Tsang (the less active) really builds our own testimonies. She loves to read the Book of Mormon stories picture book with us and discuss the importance of prayer (her Jesus picture reminds her to always pray).

Sister Chan now has a baptism date for July 31. She is so special to us. We are so thankful for her and the support of her family. She is solid. We will be going to Tuen Mun Hospital later this week to visit a member referral who just got kidney operation.

Sister Wilcox

My birthday party--lovely Sister Wong took me to dinner

My presents
Me + Pikachu Bday cake (it says "Happy Birthday, Sister Wilcox" in characters). Jaapgwaahn meih aaaa?
Mandarin Elders teaching English Class
Sister Hansen
Travels (mtr station)

Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 34

Congrats to the Henderson family!!! New baby Benny. Exciting. And thank you grandpa for the uplifting stories of "always being a missionary" and the influence of the family as it has lived in different countries. I am so grateful for your great example. It truly is inspiring. And I am excited for future family missionaries to come from my cousins and brothers and sisters!

This week I am really working on exact obedience and getting things done super efficiently! I would like to effectively handle all responsibilities given, and serve to the fullest. I love different aspects of the work like finding (proselyting, calls), updating the books (including getting updated pictures), and of course visiting lovely families and people of all kinds. I've also realized the importance of effective study and practice so that we can teach really well (this is such an important work, and these people that we are teaching are worth the time and effort).

As apartment leader, I made a cute little cleaning schedule with each room and tasks for the rooms to do the "5 minute flash" after exercise, as suggested in the apartment book. We alternate rooms every day. I am thankful to have such sweet sisters in my apartment who are easy going and willing to try new things. The goal is to have a house like a temple (cleanliness leads to happiness and allows us to be more receptive to the spirit). D&C 88:119.

I'm thankful that we have a district who is so uplifting and encourages all missionaries to be their very best and work harder. Elder McGrath is doing well as district leader. He takes his calling seriously and really wants to help us improve/ supports us while making it fun. We definitely all grow together as a district. It is great.

Sister Liu (Ann) went to the every day Wan Chai ward on Wednesday (she is unable to get work off on Sundays). She really loved it-- she hasn't gone to a church meeting in a long time. I am happy for her, and thankful for her faith, testimony, and good example to us. Every person has place to improve, and it is so special to witness others coming unto Christ and trying to become better. "Partaking in the enabling power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ."

We met with Sister Tsui (77 years old). She will be going to Japan for 3 weeks for an extended family member's wedding. She will be preparing herself to be baptized on July 17. However, she is worried, because her family doesn't know about her attending church/ learning about Christ (they are Buddhist). Her family often tells her what to do (she is the youngest), so it really worries her to think about being baptized.

AJ (19 years old) is improving so much. She has really decided to turn her life around after a trial in her life. It is also amazing that she was able to see the example in Sister Allison's home of how the Gospel blesses families and changes lives. It really shows us our purpose and gives us necessary guidance and direction. As of now, she would like to be baptized, but would like some time first. She has been loving how personal the scriptures can be applied to her life. Alma 43 has really made an impression on her. She will be taking some time going to her mom's home town in China to reflect, ponder, and relax. She has been reading the scriptures and praying every day. I'm really happy for her growth and testimony. She is really such a special spirit.

I am very excited for the changes in the stakes as they create two new stakes. The work is progressing in Hong Kong every day, step by step. (This Sunday was the official 6 stakes in Hong Kong meeting).

Last week we went to Mongkok and got some cute really cheap things (you have to be good at bargaining/ lowering the prices). This P-day we will be going to Central/ Causeway Bay to go shopping a bit (probably window shopping). A lovely member gave us a ton of summery clothes to wear in this hot season. I am so thankful that God watches out for us through his faithful members!

Everyone: someone please send me a recipe(s) from online that use Horlichs (drink powder). I have a ton that I don't know what to do with. Thank you!!!!

I'm sending a package home today (June 6)... Maybe if my family isn't there, some grandparents could pick it up for them? I don't know... I think it takes 3-4 weeks for a package to arrive.

I love you all; be safe.
Sister Wilcox

Wife preparation/ cooking up a storm. Ngoh hou lek jyuh yeh sihk haihmhaih (im super talented at cooking... #amirite)

Rearranged kitchen
Sister Hoxer, beauty queen preparation
Super adorable bargain watch from Mongkok
More red nose day featuring Elder Huang and Elder McGrath
Our beautiful area Tuen Mun
Lots and lots of Mochi (don't worry, I share). Yum yum.
Asian chips and chocolate lollipops
Weekly Planning in air conditioned McDonalds and my cool llama notebook
Broadcast/ New stakes!!! Yay progressing work. Onward

Monday, May 30, 2016

Week 33

On Monday I got my haircut. Also, I was going to request some smarties from my family this week to send me, but then I got a package from Mimi and Papaw with tons of smarties and jolly ranchers in it! Thanks for being so sweet and inspired :) I love the cousin reunion shirts, and the fact that you are all spending time together. Family is so important. I am forever grateful that I have been born into an extended family who is so close and sincerely care about each other/ spend so much time together. The best! Also, thank you for the sweet letter, I loved reading it. It means a lot when people send me things :) Mary and Sister Barton and Aunt Kim and David thank you all as well (your letters were sweet).

Happy Birthday Summer!!!!! You are the prettiest (Candy, our model friend said your face/ you are very beautiful), sweetest, most easy going, fun, creative, talented person I know. I am so excited you are going to be my roommate at BYU. I <3 u OH and I got your grad pic it is gorgeous.

Many miracles :)

It's been raining a lot but it didn't rain during/ before or after church this Sunday (everyone walks to church). Recognize the little blessings.

Zone Conference was really great (met in Kowloon Tong with our stake and Tolo Harbour stake. Some things inspired actions on our part. We have both been sick a lot this week, which has resulted in a lot of former investigator calls and, of course, prayers. Our Relief Society had a bowling activity and were so happy because we had 1 new investigator, 2 former investigators, and 4 referrals/ potential investigators show up! Not many people usually attend the activities for Relief Society anyway, so it ended up being really fun and exciting for everyone.

Also, on June 5 is a very exciting time! We will now have more stakes in Hong Kong. There will be an event in Wan Chai. Progress in the work (good things).

I know that the prayers for finding new people really with prepared hearts, interested in learning the Gospel (and fasting) have worked. And that these sicknesses have made us really aware of the Lord's hand in this work and our lives. It has allowed us to recognize how special these people who are so ready and willing to learn are. They don't need to be "dragged to the font," they recognize that repentance and baptism are gifts to their lives. They "hunger and thirst after righteousness." It really is a miracle. Sister Lau's mother (Sister Chan, who's husband died a little while ago) has been in our thoughts and prayers for a while. She is so sweet and calm and loving. We always hug her and make special effort to talk to her, and she has never been ready to meet with us (too sad about the loss of her husband, although we would bear testimonies that she would see him again), even if just to talk and get to know her. But this Sunday, Sister Lau and Chan came up to us and invited us to dinner that night and to share a message. And then they told us Sister Chan wanted to be baptized (she has been coming to Sacrament and the Gospel Principles class and Relief Society for quite a while with her daughter) and asked how many lessons she will need beforehand. Her heart is prepared and our prayers are answered. And she is already so special and dear to us. I love their family and am so thankful for this miracle. Her son is also a bit less active and his family lives with her, but it was so sweet to eat with all of them. His little children love to pray all the time and they (him included) all have good testimonies. Sister Chan's children joined the church when they were young. And now the mother is ready to join. I am so happy for them. Also, she has always been too scared to pray out loud, but prayed out loud for the first time with all of us, and her kids and grandchildren all were so happy afterwards. We gave her a cute little picture of a family kneeling together and praying and told her to put it by her bed so that she could remember to pray every morning and night.

We also have some children that are ready to be baptized soon that we will be teaching, to help them understand the Gospel more and I think it is a great idea.

I love this work!!!!

Everyone should watch 17 miracles, we watched it again this week (I had to buy some of the Elders icecream to use their usb and watch it lol, so it's worth it). It really makes you appreciate the pioneers. Also the Book of Mormon student manual is very helpful to read because it helps you understand the Book of Mormon and have interest/ love it moreso. So I highly suggest finding one and reading it.

Also I like this hymn: Have I Done Any Good? It is so real and straight forward. Wake up; stop dreaming of the future! You can have happiness now, just serve others :) Truth.

Love you all,
Sister Wilcox

My haircut

Wilcox family cousin reunion (who can photoshop me into the picture? only partly kidding). And edit my pimple out please and thank you -_- (I'm saying it so that you don't have to... yes, I noticed).
Mimi... Roomies celebrating red nose day!!! Thanks
Taxi moustaches
Companion Villasin's birthday
Bowling. Sister Villasin just might be a pro!
English Class. Click on the picture and take a look at what we all want to be when we grow up.... lol. (Credit goes to Mary for mine).
A man walking his pet turtles at our favorite sitting spot, "Pohpoh Sorority." (There are a bunch of cute grandmas who sit here in the morning. We just want to be a part of the club haha). It really is hou siufuk though (super comfortable/ nice weather).
A-Hei/ "Baby Boss." My favorite baby!!! (Sister Lau's son). He is the sassy/ stubborn one I always talk about. He finally likes us! We can make him smile and give him high fives. Whenever you tell him to smile for the camera he does this (points to his cheek and poses like that). He's the best.
Sister Chan made us some yummy food! It was nice being at their house because it was a bit like home (lots of cute noisy kids running around the whole time).
Chan/ Lau family