Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 34

Congrats to the Henderson family!!! New baby Benny. Exciting. And thank you grandpa for the uplifting stories of "always being a missionary" and the influence of the family as it has lived in different countries. I am so grateful for your great example. It truly is inspiring. And I am excited for future family missionaries to come from my cousins and brothers and sisters!

This week I am really working on exact obedience and getting things done super efficiently! I would like to effectively handle all responsibilities given, and serve to the fullest. I love different aspects of the work like finding (proselyting, calls), updating the books (including getting updated pictures), and of course visiting lovely families and people of all kinds. I've also realized the importance of effective study and practice so that we can teach really well (this is such an important work, and these people that we are teaching are worth the time and effort).

As apartment leader, I made a cute little cleaning schedule with each room and tasks for the rooms to do the "5 minute flash" after exercise, as suggested in the apartment book. We alternate rooms every day. I am thankful to have such sweet sisters in my apartment who are easy going and willing to try new things. The goal is to have a house like a temple (cleanliness leads to happiness and allows us to be more receptive to the spirit). D&C 88:119.

I'm thankful that we have a district who is so uplifting and encourages all missionaries to be their very best and work harder. Elder McGrath is doing well as district leader. He takes his calling seriously and really wants to help us improve/ supports us while making it fun. We definitely all grow together as a district. It is great.

Sister Liu (Ann) went to the every day Wan Chai ward on Wednesday (she is unable to get work off on Sundays). She really loved it-- she hasn't gone to a church meeting in a long time. I am happy for her, and thankful for her faith, testimony, and good example to us. Every person has place to improve, and it is so special to witness others coming unto Christ and trying to become better. "Partaking in the enabling power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ."

We met with Sister Tsui (77 years old). She will be going to Japan for 3 weeks for an extended family member's wedding. She will be preparing herself to be baptized on July 17. However, she is worried, because her family doesn't know about her attending church/ learning about Christ (they are Buddhist). Her family often tells her what to do (she is the youngest), so it really worries her to think about being baptized.

AJ (19 years old) is improving so much. She has really decided to turn her life around after a trial in her life. It is also amazing that she was able to see the example in Sister Allison's home of how the Gospel blesses families and changes lives. It really shows us our purpose and gives us necessary guidance and direction. As of now, she would like to be baptized, but would like some time first. She has been loving how personal the scriptures can be applied to her life. Alma 43 has really made an impression on her. She will be taking some time going to her mom's home town in China to reflect, ponder, and relax. She has been reading the scriptures and praying every day. I'm really happy for her growth and testimony. She is really such a special spirit.

I am very excited for the changes in the stakes as they create two new stakes. The work is progressing in Hong Kong every day, step by step. (This Sunday was the official 6 stakes in Hong Kong meeting).

Last week we went to Mongkok and got some cute really cheap things (you have to be good at bargaining/ lowering the prices). This P-day we will be going to Central/ Causeway Bay to go shopping a bit (probably window shopping). A lovely member gave us a ton of summery clothes to wear in this hot season. I am so thankful that God watches out for us through his faithful members!

Everyone: someone please send me a recipe(s) from online that use Horlichs (drink powder). I have a ton that I don't know what to do with. Thank you!!!!

I'm sending a package home today (June 6)... Maybe if my family isn't there, some grandparents could pick it up for them? I don't know... I think it takes 3-4 weeks for a package to arrive.

I love you all; be safe.
Sister Wilcox

Wife preparation/ cooking up a storm. Ngoh hou lek jyuh yeh sihk haihmhaih (im super talented at cooking... #amirite)

Rearranged kitchen
Sister Hoxer, beauty queen preparation
Super adorable bargain watch from Mongkok
More red nose day featuring Elder Huang and Elder McGrath
Our beautiful area Tuen Mun
Lots and lots of Mochi (don't worry, I share). Yum yum.
Asian chips and chocolate lollipops
Weekly Planning in air conditioned McDonalds and my cool llama notebook
Broadcast/ New stakes!!! Yay progressing work. Onward


  1. Horlicks Thai-style Crab Cakes
    A fresh, fragrant Horlicks-infused crab cakes – perfect as a starter. Recipe created by Paul Hartley.

    Cooking time: 8 minutes

    Serves: 4 people

    3 large potatoes
    3 tbsp of Horlicks Traditional
    50g butter
    3 small red chillies or 1 large one
    6 spring onions including the green at the top
    50g fresh coriander (including stalks) finely chopped
    200g white crab meat
    200g brown crab meat
    2 eggs (beaten)
    2 tsps of Thai fish sauce
    200g breadcrumbs made from stale bread
    Vegetable oil for frying
    Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
    Peel and chop the 3 potatoes, and add to a pan of boiling water.
    Add 1 tbsp of Horlicks Traditional powder per large potato and a pinch of salt to the cooking water.
    Cook until the potato is soft, then drain.
    Mash with a little butter and season to taste. Set aside to cool.
    Remove the seeds from the chilli(es) unless you particularly like very spicy foods. (TIP: Wear plastic gloves when handling chillies, to avoid accidently touching your face, eyes etc. afterwards, or wash your hands really well.)
    Chop the chilli(es) very finely and put in a large mixing bowl.
    Slice the spring onions, including the green stems, finely and also add to the bowl.
    Chop up the coriander, including the stalks, and add to the bowl.
    Add both the brown and white crab meat, and the cooled mash potato.
    Use your hands to mix this all thoroughly together.
    Beat the 2 eggs and mix in, again by hand, adding in the 2 tsp Thai fish sauce.
    Form into patties roughly the size of your palm – there should be enough mixture for 4 – and dip into the breadcrumbs, coating all sides.
    Set aside on a plate in the fridge for at least an hour, to allow the crab cakes to set.
    Gently fry in the vegetable oil, cooking for 3-4 minutes on each side and turning once.
    Serve still hot – perhaps on a bed of lettuce with a wedge of lemon per person.

  2. Horlicks Crown Roast of Lamb
    A classic dish that looks stunning, making it ideal for special occasions. The creamy, malty flavouring of the Horlicks marries perfectly with the lamb. Pre-order your lamb from your butcher, who will prepare the whole crown for you with the bones shined clean.

    Serves: 6 people

    50g unsalted butter
    200g fresh white breadcrumbs
    1 large onion, finely diced
    ½ tsp cumin seeds
    Finely grated zest and juice of 1 lemon
    2 tbsp freshly chopped thyme leaves
    2 tbsp freshly chopped parsley
    Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
    2 heaped tbsp Horlicks Traditional
    1 crown roast of English lamb
    To prepare the stuffing, melt the butter in a large frying pan, add the onions and sauté gently until soft and translucent. Next stir in the cumin seeds, lemon zest, thyme and parsley, and season with salt and black pepper. Cook for a couple of minutes, remove from the heat and then tip in the breadcrumbs and the Horlicks. Mix all the ingredients together well, add the lemon juice and leave aside while you prepare the lamb.
    Preheat the oven to 200˚C/Gas Mk 6. Place the crown of lamb in a roasting tray and cover each of the bones with a small piece of foil, to prevent them burning. Now fill the centre with the stuffing, mounding it slightly in the centre, and gently press the mixture down to pack against the meat. Cover the stuffing with a round of foil and roast the crown in the oven for 10 minutes. Reduce the heat to 180˚C/Gas Mk 4 and cook for a further 35 minutes for pink lamb, or add another 15 minutes to cook to medium.
    Remove the crown from the oven and leave to rest for 10 minutes. To serve, slice between each bone allowing 3 per person, accompanied by the delicious stuffing and, as a suggestion, roasted potatoes.

  3. Horlicks Deep-fried Salmon Goujons
    You'll be amazed how great Horlicks is in batter. It makes it light, fluffy and extra-crispy, wrapped around soft, succulent salmon pieces. Recipe created by Paul Hartley.

    Serves: 6 people

    400g plain flour
    Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
    4 heaped tbsp Horlicks Traditional
    400ml ice-cold sparkling water
    600g salmon, cut into finger-sized strips (about 8cm long)
    Lemon wedges
    Put half (200g) of the flour in a bowl and season with salt and pepper.
    Into a separate bowl, sieve the remaining flour, add the Horlicks and the water (important that it is cold and fresh for best results), then whisk until smooth.
    Dip the salmon goujons into the bowl of seasoned flour and wrap around to give each piece a good coating, then shake off the excess flour and dip them into the batter, one at a time.
    Then, a few at a time, dip them into a hot deep-fat fryer (190°C) using kitchen tongs to hold half in the oil until it starts to float (this is important, so they do not sink and stick to the bottom).
    Wait a few minutes until golden brown, turning if necessary.
    Remove from the oil with a slotted spoon and place onto kitchen paper to drain.

  4. Horlicks Banana Smoothie
    By Mille® on July 27, 2002 Photo
    Photo by Boomette

    Prep Time: 10 minsTotal Time: 10 minsServings: 2

    8 fluid ounces ice-cold milk
    1 ripe medium banana, peeled and sliced
    1/4 cup instant malted milk powder, such as horlicks or ovaltine
    1 tablespoon brown sugar
    1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    4 ice cubes, crushed

    In a blender, combine all ingredients; blend until smooth and frothy.
    Serve immediately.

  5. Horlicks Ice Cream with Toasted Oats and Raspberries
    Blending refreshing raspberry with smooth oats and malty Horlicks, this is the perfect summer dessert. Recipe created by Paul Hartley in association with Mendip Moments Ice Cream.

    Serves: 4 people

    350ml whole or semi-skimmed milk
    300ml whipping cream
    4 large separated free-range egg yolks (you will not need the whites for this recipe)
    75g caster sugar
    100g Horlicks Traditional
    40g oats
    1 tbsp demerara sugar
    1 tbsp golden syrup
    125g fresh raspberries
    50g good-quality raspberry sauce
    Put the milk and cream into a saucepan. Stir over a gentle heat and then, in a separate mixing bowl, beat the egg yolks with the sugar until light and creamy.
    Stir the Horlicks into the beaten egg mixture and transfer into another saucepan. Pour the warm milk slowly into the egg mixture, stirring all the time over a low heat until all the ingredients are combined.
    Spread the oats out on a baking tray. Cover with the sugar and the golden syrup. Toast the oats under a grill, turning once. Mix the toasted oats into the ice cream base, which by now should have thickened over the gentle heat./p>
    Remove from the heat and leave to cool completely.
    Churn in an ice-cream maker according to manufacturer’s instructions, until set. Then fold a good-quality raspberry sauce into the thick mixture, to create a ripple effect.
    Spoon into a suitable freezing container and freeze until set, which should be almost at once.
    Soften at room temperature for 5 minutes before serving – ideally with some fresh raspberries.

  6. A classic twist on the traditional bread-and-butter pudding, with the added taste of gorgeous Horlicks to make your taste buds bounce with delight. Recipe created by Paul Hartley.
    A classic twist on the traditional bread-and-butter pudding, with the added taste of gorgeous Horlicks to make your taste buds bounce with delight. Recipe created by Paul Hartley.

    Cooking time: 25 mins

    Serves: 6 people

    6 large all-butter croissants (preferably stale)
    400ml whole or semi-skimmed milk
    400ml double cream
    1 tsp vanilla extract
    3 medium free-range eggs
    4 medium separated free-range egg yolks (you will not need these 4 whites for this recipe)
    150g caster sugar
    5 tbsp Horlicks Traditional
    150g white cooking chocolate
    Icing sugar to dust
    Preheat the oven to 180˚C/Gas Mk 4.
    Cut the stale croissants horizontally in half (lengthways).
    Lay the base of a deep baking dish with the bottom half of the croissants.
    Place the tops of the croissants diagonally on top.
    Pour the double cream, milk and vanilla extract into a saucepan.
    Stir over a medium heat until it simmers.
    Meanwhile add the 4 egg yolks and the 3 whole eggs into a mixing bowl (free-range gives a better taste), and whisk together.
    Add the Horlicks and stir into the egg mixture, to form a smooth batter-like consistency.
    Add the caster sugar to the bowl and stir in.
    Check the cream mixture, stirring regularly. Do not let it boil. Once it is starting to simmer, remove from the heat.
    Pour the egg batter into the pan and stir with a wooden spoon.
    Add the white cooking chocolate and stir until the chocolate has all melted.
    Pour carefully over the croissants. (TIP: Reserve a little of this custard back, to pour over the cooked pudding later.)
    Tightly cover the pan with tin foil.
    Put in the oven and bake for 20 minutes.
    Remove the tin foil after 20 minutes and dust the croissants with icing sugar, then place back in the oven uncovered for a further 5 minutes.
    Serve hot (with a little of the reserved custard drizzled on).

  7. Horlicks Brownies
    Horlicks is the perfect ingredient for chocolate brownies, just add 4 tablespoons into the mix and enjoy!

    Makes: 9 brownies

    200g dark chocolate (minimum 70% cocoa solids)
    250g salted butter, chopped into 8 chunks
    ½ tsp vanilla extract
    350g caster sugar
    ¼ tsp baking powder
    25g cocoa powder
    65g plain flour
    4 tbsp Horlicks Traditional
    4 medium free-range eggs
    You’ll also need baking parchment and an oven tray around 24x30cm and 4cm deep
    Preheat the oven to 180°C/Gas Mark 4.
    Bring a pan of water to a simmer and place a Pyrex or metal bowl over it.
    Break in the chocolate, pop in the butter and stir occasionally until it’s all melted together, then mix in the vanilla and take the bowl off the heat.
    Next, in a different bowl, sift together the sugar, baking powder, cocoa powder and the magic ingredient — Horlicks. Mix them up and add them to the melted chocolate, then give it all a good stir to create a heavy paste.
    Pop in the eggs and whisk until it’s smooth and silky.
    Now, line your tray with the baking parchment and pour in the mixture, covering the base evenly.
    Place the tray in the hot oven and bake for 15-20 minutes until the top’s slightly crispy.
    Leave to cool completely; this may take 4-5 hours. Then cut the slab 3x3 into 9 equal tasty portions and, if you’re feeling extra-fancy, pop a strawberry on top of each and dust with icing sugar.