Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 37

I will know the changes tomorrow because it is transfers. I have been with my trainer for 6 months (3 transfers because we have long transfers here) so who knows what will happen :)

We have been meeting with Yan more. And the Relief Society started the ABL's this Sunday. Good things. We also got her to start messaging some of the Relief Society members (phone) and they are really sweet/ are befriending her. I'm so glad she is slowly starting to become part of the ward family!!! Sister Chan is learning well as well. She is a solid baptismal date (July 10) :)

We also have loved reading scriptures with investigators during lessons. Recently we have been focusing on Jacob 3 and 3 Nephi 11. Both really good scriptures. Jacob 3 is really great to apply personally, and then 3 Nephi 11 is always inspiring (Christ!).

It is God's will for me to serve 18 months on this mission (no matter the trials... I got a priesthood blessing and this was specifically said, so I will be serving fully-- D&C4-- with all my heart and to the finish!). So that is what I will be doing, no matter what it takes. I love this Gospel and I have faith that the Lord will provide a way. Christ understands perfectly each of our lives, needs, and hardships.

But I am great right now so no worries!! I love this Gospel, and am growing in faith. I hope that you all will do so as well.

Sister Wilcox


Visiting Filipina sisters in the international ward
Yan is a model
New foods---including salted duck egg
Asian food market
Hiking in our beautiful area--Tuen Mun.
You can see the heritage museum in the distance (has Bruce Lee, ancient Chinese historic art, and currently a Monet exhibit!) We visited with an investigator Iris.
Bruce Lee
Me standing on the bridge of "Monet's garden" (I have a picture on the actual one too, hehe). The art exhibit was really amazing though.
Youth missionary activity
Our new district (because of zone changes, butterfly and castle peak aren't in our district or zone anymore!! but they are still in the Tuen Mun apartments so we still go to Crossroad together and do English class together). We are now with Tin Shui Wai, Tin Sau, and Hung Shui Kiu. They found a minion in the trash and put a name tag on it. And are trying to make it hold a hymn book. Yeah.. Lol. They are fun
Elder Andersen goes home this week! Jackie is baptized now :) They are great elders. This is Elder Jensen playing with two of the cutest little members... from the Yu family
English class
Star of the show: Alex (we were playing an english class game and he took over). "If we win do we get a prize?" -Sister Hoxer. "No, but I can give you a kiss." -Alex. Hahahaha. Elder Andersen guessed the right dinosaur and got a kiss on the cheek (this kid learns all his english from youtube and walks around his grandmas house speaking english and she doesn't know any. It is really funny).
Teaching Purple on exchange with Sister Lo.

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