Saturday, March 17, 2018

Part 2: Week 28--Cutie cutie 区姐妹 and 韦姐妹

I am so grateful that heavenly father has a divine plan, and I really can trust his decisions most (transfers) and will continue to seek spirits guidance in all decisions. But I love this New Rochelle ward so much-- I wouldn't mind staying here forever! They are wonderful and the work is going so well. So blessed to be a part of these good members/ investigators lives. 

We watched "Remembering your missionary purpose : Robles family." at FHE with our member an investigators family. A cried and said it was such a special moment and wants that for her family (temple sealing and baptism). Sister s husband will come back June or July and they will work to be sealed then. 

We love allowing the Book of Mormon to do the teaching. The Spirit is always there, and our investigators and members get so much out of it.

It is amazing how this family's hearts have been prepared. Ever since we knocked on her door in the split and through inspired questions were able to learn that she met with missionaries 15 years ago before she was married. Now her husband happens to be a member (she did not know until we asked him to join our lesson). A's husband's family/ inactive mother is living in los Angeles and we talked to her on the phone and told her we knew god loved her and missionaries would be happy to do service for her/ meet her anytime. E grew up in Queens and went to young men's because he was baptized when he was 8 or 9! He is now in the discussions with us with A and her children. We read 3 Nephi 18:19-21 and he read it a second time because they loved it so much. "It is so true." They want to have an eternal family and go to the temple. He said he would get March 24th and 25th off for Matai birthday and church and April 22 off for A's baptism. We asked him as the head of the household to offer a kneeling closing prayer; it was very special! A said she loves that the Mormon members actually follow Christ's teachings in doing good and service and loving each other without judging. She loves that. 

We also visited a couple sweet young women and got to know them better (we brought them ice cream and shared scriptures). It was amazing and one of the mothers teared up as she shared thoughts on the scripture we shared. The mother of the other young woman had such a huge smile on her face. We are so blessed to know and have such a deep love for these sweet members.
.............................. .....

Where Heavenly Father has me to go will absolutely be the best option, and there I will go.

I love my sweet sweet companion so much. She is so sweet and adorable and caring and genuine and a loving, great teacher. She's doing well.

Scriptures I loved this week.
John 14:27 Peace.
Mosiah 24:13-15. Strengthened. He will ease our burdens, even if it is not the timing and way that we expect. Will strengthen us.
2 Nephi 9!!!!!!!! Absolutely amazing. This whole chapter brought me a lot of joy, just realizing the big picture of it all. We are free to choose. This plan is given for us, because of their love for us. So it seems so simple. They know the way that brings happiness and the way that allows us to receive exaltation and eternal life with our families. They've provided so much for us as guidance and help. So grateful. 

Reading the BofM remembering joy. So much good in there already between spiritual experiences and methods and gratitude (marked and written in my scriptures). !!  I will continue to do so. A promise that every time I open the pages I will feel God's love! It truly does help me to see good and find peace. Thankful.

Sister Wilcox

Photos from Zone Conference (there was a blizzard!)-- Can you find me?! :) And a selfie with cutie Sister Au. And a get together with Filipino family and Mamale.


Thursday, March 8, 2018

Part 2: Week 27--Hen Kuai

The Temple was lovely and peaceful. I realized I would actually love to go back to Chinatown for my last transfer. I think it would be a positive and good experience. Whatever is Heavenly Father's will, but I think it could be good and fun! I love that cute ward!

.............................. .......

A came to church on Sunday and to scouts! And she came to our members home for an FHE. It is truly amazing that she has connections in the ward already. Her daughter did cheer with another girl in primary (Mighty Mite Pal), and A used to teach one of the youth when she was in elementary school! A said, "thats why she was always so sweet and well behaved. Because she was mormon!" Her children love primary and scouts.

T is progressing. We walked with her as she picked her kid up from school (5 minutes) and taught then and a lesson after. She has been reading the book of mormon and her son Nevaeh wants to be as obedient as possible and sleep as well as possible so his mom will be able to take their family to church (he really wants to go)! It is awesome how the 4 families we are teaching have kids who truly encourage the parents to keep commitments and get so excited for us to teach and visit. 
Mamale is hoping to go to the temple soon and is continuing to learn about family history.

.............................. .......

Sister Au is a sweetheart. She is so genuine and caring. She is a wonderful teacher. I realized how Sister Au and I are truly able to have balance and look to each other to equally share insights and listen to the needs of our investigators. It works so well and we always teach with the spirit rather than with our own "talent" or social ability . I am thankful for that. I recognize that all of the good and joy and sweet sweet people who continue to want us to return is attributed to Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. It is not by our own strength. I am thankful. But I am so grateful for our leaders and their kindness and service and love for others. We are all brothers and sisters trying our best to do the Lord's work. 

2 Ne 25:23
It is by grace that we are saved, after all we can do. And I am so thankful for those who "labored diligently to write" these records, so that we could have knowledge and truth of God's love for us and of eternal salvation. What a gift! Countless people devoted and sacrificed their lives for us to have these records. Truly a gift and a blessing. So thankful.

Sister Wilcox
Ready for snow in NYC and a trip to the temple


Friday, March 2, 2018

Part 2: Week 26--Healthy

A met missionaries 15 years ago in the Bronx.  Her daughter M is 5 years old and did pal cheer. She happened to be friends with our members daughter! They were on the same cheer team and live in next door buildings! Has another son who is 8 next month. We offered service to fold her clothes and she said that it was an answer to her prayer. And a miracle, because she had 4 big bags of laundry she was stressing out about and we came exactly when she needed. Heavenly Father is good, and is so aware and she knows it. She also said the elders used to help with her computer and do service for her all the time (in 2004?) and she felt like they were family. She wanted to know more about family search. We showed her the "find relatives around me" button on the app, and how far back we trace our families back and how cool it is to see our lineage. She also wants to bring her son to scouts on Wednesday at 7 and her daughter to achievement days when she is old enough. We did htbt and showed the Because of Him video. She still remembers the idea that Christ came to New York! She has another son who is 26 and in Washington with a son too! Her husband's family are from Samoa and they are Mormon!
We want to invite her family to FHE and Scouts!

T is from Ghana and excited to meet our members from Ghana!! She read the pamphlets before we came and asked about the premortal world. Her uncle and friend passed away and it made a huge impact in her life so it meant a lot for her to know that she will see them again. She wants the celestial kingdom so she can be with her kids together forever and she wants her kids to be baptized too. She said that we could bring members to her home. She felt like the bofm was her guardian angel that helped her a lot and we gave her alma 32 to read because she wants to know how to have firm faith and to strengthen it. She always has a prayer in her heart and she says it was a miracle that she found our church offering the Bible online for free right when she was searching/ praying for something to help her change. She wants to learn of repentance and how to prepare for baptism. We showed the chapel tour videos of sacrament and primary and of Sister T introducing testimony and primary and they are excited!  She says she has improved so much since she's started meeting and learning. 

D met missionaries and added them on facebook around this time a year ago. She believes in prayer and it helped her get through a lot and find peace in these times. (He helped her when her house was almost in foreclosure and when her dad passed away recently). Both my companion and I just started walking towards a big white house because we both felt to knock it, naturally. She was there! 

Mamale is working towards family history work and baptisms for the dead.

BofM . I am... Reading and writing down these things that come to mind: how to remember the good/ joy/ spiritual experiences. I am thankful for good. For Christ and Heavenly Father and the true peace that only comes through the gospel, when we move away from the "good" the world has to offer.

Maybe Connecticut or upstate new York for my last transfer? I'll go where you want me to go, dear Lord.

Sister Wilcox
 Me and my companion
The missionaries in our apartment

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Part 2: Week 25--Sociality is a principle of heaven

The subject line is just something cool that I was thinking of this week. People are awesome! They are our brothers and sisters; our friends! It really is so enjoyable when you are able to be friends/ support for your district missionaries, members, investigators, companions, roommates, etc! Have joy! It is a principle for all of life.. Simple.

I had strep throat the weekend of the baptism. Haha, nice try, adversary! However, rest and medicine does wonders, and now we are working hard and seeing miracles again, and finding joy in all that we do. 

This mission is an adventure every day. And I'm so thankful for the ways that I've grown and learned and changed. I have only one more transfer and I'll be home for another set of adventures.


Mamale got baptized!! The baptism ran so smoothly, and was so peaceful. President and Sister Smith attended and it meant a lot to her and to us. The ward helped her to feel so loved, and the whole experience really built all of our faith. It was so peaceful and special for her. Mamale is so excited to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. She wants that guidance in her life! Our members Brother S and Brother M were able to give her a priesthood blessing before church on Sunday to help with her headaches and give her some counsel/ direction from her Father in Heaven. It was so special to be there, because it truly showed how aware Heavenly Father is of her and of each individual. It addressed her needs and encouraged her perfectly. It is awesome the way Mamale has felt more and more a part of the ward family, and the way they are really embracing her with open arms. Our ward mission leader did a great job conducting the meeting and we are so happy for Mamale. We are so grateful to be a part of her journey! She is so lovely and so willing to do all that she can to keep the commandments and follow Christ! She even called us a couple of times asking us about questions from different pamphlets (i.e. Word of Wisdom "I read it all, and I was wondering how often we are allowed to eat meat?"). It is so sweet. The members have done a wonderful job this past transfer calling her and supporting her (we know that is key to helping her really become a part of the ward and to help her choose to keep commitments and be baptized)!

Marisela also accepted a baptismal date for April 8! It is amazing, because her family used to meet with missionaries in the Bronx when she was a child. One of the Elders had a profound impact on her life, because he used to be very overweight and he helped her to understand how to apply the word of wisdom personally, and she ended up losing weight and being healthy again. She still remembers the positive impact the missionaries had on her family, and the teachings. There are so many people here with prepared hearts! We never know what seeds are being planted in the hearts of our investigators and the people we meet. Marisela's cute daughter chimed in that she wants to be baptized as well! She is six years old. Marisela said that she knows meeting will always be remembered by her daughter in her life, too. That it really means a lot to their family. What a blessing to be a part of His great work.


New York is so diverse! We have met with people the past couple weeks from Sierra Leon, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, the Congo, Haiti, Ghana, Nigeria, Botswana, Jamaica, the Philippines, Myanmar/ Burma, China, Thailand, Germany, and all over the United States! Those are just the ones I can remember! 

Hermana Clark's companion (our roommate companionship), Hermana Contreras just went back to Costa Rica, and her new companion is Hermana Worley from Nampa, Idaho... where my sister is serving!! We also have missionaries in this mission (some of them left recently though) from Finland, Russia, Hong Kong, China, Madagascar, Brazil, Bolivia, Mexico, and a lot of other cool places like that.

Sister Au is doing great! We are finding joy in each day! We both have a goal to get to know the missionaries and members that we work with better; to find joy in building friendships and in being our best selves as we respectfully represent Jesus Christ in this work! Such a funny, fun little missionary with all the best interests.


Msh 26:29-30 Repentance is simple and is a gift! We have the opportunity and His enabling power/ grace to change.  A beautiful sacrifice/ plan/ way provided for us. It is so loving and awesome of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I am forever thankful!

Msh 26:14-16 Phrases that came to my mind: "Blessed art thou," "Well done, thou good and faithful servant." Alma was troubled because some of the people had began to live in disbelief and leave the teachings they once knew and lived. Heavenly Father is so loving, and he knows our hearts. He sees the good in all of us and our potential. Keep working. Keep trying. Keep loving our brothers and sisters who have such potential! May we all return safely home.

Christ's Church is restored on this earth. They have given us a way to return. The Book of Mormon is the evidence that they preserved, so that we could know with a surety that we have a living prophet and that these are the truths. We can be with our family forever! This is the way of happiness, and it is our eternal salvation! Thankful for the proofs they've provided.


Love you all!
Sister A Wilcox
Ward Valentine's party
 Mamale's baptism

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Part 2: Week 24--Following promptings

Some thoughts.
Next week is transfers. I can't believe there are only two transfers left for me,. When they merge the two NYC missions in July after I leave, there will be three Chinese areas. 

The leaders are so awesome and loving and helpful and kind. I've learned so much here. Joy in the journey .  I've enjoyed reading the memoriam for President Monson. It is so inspiring
Happy Valentine's Day! Easter is my favorite holiday! Looking forward to it.
In the missionary apartment in Harlem , there is a picture of Lindsay Sterling, the famous you-tube violinist and runner up for Dancing with the Stars,  from when she served here!

Guardian angels are family from the past and the future. Make the right choices! Cheering you on!
Sylvia "This changes everything." An investigation said this. Her brother had died in an accident without being baptized. We promised she could see him again. 

Teyanateeya "He will reveal it to me." She was so touched by our message, and she knew that the only way she could know for herself was if she genuinely read the Book of Mormon and prayed and asked if it were true. She wants to bring her life back on the right path and be an example for her kids, and she wants to know which of the churches are true.

Sister Alsati "You answered a question that everyone else avoided. It's not a coincidence you were sent here." She is a member whose family had a specific hardship.  Because of questions I had asked leadership in the past to search for guidance, we were able to succor according to her needs. We were able to point her back to the gospel light and truth, that does provide a way for everyone to return. God is a just God.

Mamale will be baptized this Sunday. She is from Botswana. We are so thankful to have been a part of her journey. We have fasted and prayed for her so many times. She has as well, to know if it is true. It really builds our faith as well.  It is a blessing to see the light in her countenance and the desire to truly keep these commandments and receive the gift of the holy ghost... To follow Jesus Christ and His example... To have an eternal family!

The members are super loving and sweet as always. We made Valentine's Day care packages with Sister Neilson.
My companion is so cute and sweet. We have fun and choose to have joy in the journey. She is very understanding and caring. We have faith and diligence according to our goals, and really want the best for our investigators and members. 
 We alternate days where we speak Mandarin only or English only, we don't use Cantonese as much since we don't have any Cantonese investigators. I'm learning some characters, it is pretty fun. 学习。

My companion is adjusting well to life in the USA. There are some culture differences but she is also very genuine and caring which is good. She says the water makes her sick. She also doesn't like cilantro haha. We have a fun time though, always recognizing miracles.

2 Nephi 2 (born in afflictions, but he saw Christ. Choose joy). 2 Nephi 4 (destroyer of our peace, even Nephi... Find your peace! Allow good into your life).
Jacob 3 (firmness of mind. His love is there!)


We had felt prompted to find a former investigator in a certain building. She was not there, so after knocking a couple of doors and returning downstairs we wondered what it was that prompted us to be there. At that moment, a lady walked in, and we gave her a card and invited her to church. It turns out, she was a less active member from the Bronx. She said her prayer had been answered that day (a miracle had happened in her life to help her meet the needs of her family). She wanted us to come and share a message and we are doing FHEs with her now. Her children are hoping to get the priesthood/ be baptized soon. What blessings!

We felt a prompting to do our daily contact in the lounge of our apartment building. The entire walk down we were just looking around us, searching for who Heavenly Father had put in our path. We really could feel that there was someone waiting for us somewhere so we walked with excitement, looking for this soul. When we walked into the lounge, we saw a woman sitting with her laptop. She looked up and we knew instantly this was who we needed to talk to. As we talked, she told us of how she remembered us inviting her to church a couple of weeks ago, and that she was planning on coming this Sunday. She wanted to know more of the Gospel, and her questions led to a perfect discussion of the restoration in Mandarin. It was so amazing how her heart was prepared, and we had felt that she was waiting for us. I am so thankful for the guidance and power of the Holy Ghost.

We were searching for a potential investigator we had taught a week ago. It was amazing because we had entered the wrong address into area book, and it took us around the building a couple times to figure out that we needed the other address. At the exact moment we were able to arrive, she was standing outside of the apartment , coming home from work. She told us that she recognized Heavenly Father kept putting us in her path. She was the one we had both felt prompted to run up the stairs after last week- learning that her husband had become completely free/ cured from cancer that very day. It is awesome the way these things divinely work out. Heavenly Father has a grand plan. Thankful to be a small part of it! 

Sister A Wilcox
 A birthday cake for an investigator.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Part 2: Week 23--Sister Wilcox and a burrito

"God knows your Tender Heart" 

Mamale is getting baptized two Sundays from now! We are so excited. We are fasting together today with her, so that she can truly feel that this is the right day for her and that she is prepared and ready. The Tun family is in Asia in their home country currently, but their young adult son is still here. He reads the book of mormon often and prays daily and we believe he will be a strength to his family to help them remember to read and pray together and to continue to learn. His cousin who served a mission at Temple Square and her testimony has a huge impact on him. 

Sister Au is doing well. The important things like teaching with the spirit and with unity are always good. We always really care about the investigators and members and how to help them progress or grow in faith. Also, we have been having more joy and laughing together more. I try to make conversations and stay positive and light-hearted about things to help us to feel uplifted as a companionship. She really cares about people, which is sweet and so evident. And she is genuine.

"That thought came from God." Tender mercies from Heaven that have helped me to feel hope in my life (Sister Neilson). A promise; each time I open the pages of the Book of Mormon, I feel His love. The Word of God allows us to draw closer to Him. I am so thankful. 
Reason called here. Someone I meet here will be able to find healing as I share my experiences. Lovely thoughts/ miracles that have come to me through leadership/ priesthood blessing this week.

I know that my Redeemer Lives. He lived and died for me, and he lived again. Through His sacrifice we can all overcome our weaknesses and be cleansed and become complete. Through Him, we can have hope and we can be saved; we can be with our families eternally.. And that is my greatest joy and hope. My family means everything to me. And I'm so thankful for my Savior and brother, Jesus Christ, who provided a way for us-- who continues to give us direction and walk with us on our path to eternal life. His love and and care and forgiveness mean everything to me. For Him, I am eternally grateful.

There have been lots of miracles this week. Like choosing to go to a building, and knock two doors. One person had been taught by the missionaries 10 years ago, the other in 1992. Today at the mall we found someone who took lessons from missionaries as a child and had fond memories of it! Their hearts are prepared. We were on the phone and a lady started walking past us on the stairs, and we quickly ended the conversation and ran after her all the way to her apartment. We both had the prompting to talk to her. We learned that her husband had become cancer free that very day and she invited us in to teach her. Sweet and special moments like these really build your faith. 

Thankful for Priesthood Blessings. Heavenly Father knows His children. Matthew 7:11 

.............................. ..

"Reverently and Meekly Now" Hymn!!

Alma 26: 26, 30, 37 Perhaps. Each soul. He is mindful of each individual. He is mindful of every people. 

Alma 31:34-35

"34 O Lord, wilt thou grant unto us that we may have success in bringing them again unto thee in Christ.

35 Behold, O Lord, their souls are precious, and many of them are our brethren; therefore, give unto us, O Lord, power and wisdom that we may bring these, our brethren, again unto thee."

Their souls are precious. It is so great to help these individuals see their own divine worth and potential, as they choose to follow Christ and choose that gift of Eternal Life.

.............................. ..

Sister A Wilcox

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Part 2: Week 22--Sleepy Hollow

We went to Sleepy Hollow today. I took a selfie on the sleepy hollow bridge.

Area is doing well. We had a miracle lesson with Mamale, with Sister Anderson fellowshipping. She asked/ addressed all of Mamale's concerns (by the spirit, we didn't even tell her beforehand). It was lovely, and Mamale told our senior missionary Sister Young that everything is actually coming together now. She is so prepared! She will be an amazing addition to this ward. We love her so much, and want to help her to have an eternal family! 

There was also a miracle where we felt prompted to knock on Chong's door even though we knew she wouldn't be able to come to church, and when we went to her floor we found a Chinese woman standing in the hallway. We knew immediately that it was Chong's mother, and she had such a glow about her! We got to know her and loved her and she was so excited to see us. She told us to call her "A-Yih" or Auntie, and that she would be so happy for us to stop by anytime to share about Christ! I know Heavenly Father really does love this family so much, and we have witnessed so many miracles with them. 

We also are teaching the Tun family from Asia. We discovered in their lesson that they happened to have a niece who just finished serving in Temple Square a couple days ago and is back in Asia. We had no idea they had family connections to the LDS church, and the simple invitation to church and been the answer to Sister Tun's prayers. She had been asking Heavenly Father if she could be baptized again in the right church. Now their family is super excited to learn about the Gospel, and has accepted the invitation to be baptized.  

We always happen to see people around after they've become investigators. Heavenly Father helps us to have literal daily contact. 

We also finally had contact again with our Christmas miracle, Sister Joan. She had had some negative feelings about the church after talking with family members, and we really wanted a chance to see her to just one her and help her to have a positive feeling again, without pushing her. The other day, we were in the area and kept wondering the whole day if we should try to meet her or not. The hand of the Lord really guided us and helped us. Right when we pulled in front of her door, she walked out to get her mail. We ran to her with such excitement and hugged her and she truly felt love and joy. We know Heavenly Father wanted her to have a positive feeling about the gospel as well, and he really loves her so much.

My companion is so sweet. We have some similarities I guess. We are both kind of quiet and sweet some times I guess. We are good listeners (and yes- our investigators appreciate the time to talk)! But we are also able to teach effectively and teach principles with analogy for understanding. I love that we always involve the scriptures though, because the Spirit is true teacher. We always lift each other and and continue to learn patience and love. I'm so thankful for her; she is the perfect trainee for me. I know it was the hand of the Lord to have us serving together at this moment. I'm thankful for how we've learned from each other. 

I love reading of Christ and reading those scriptures of His mercy and forgiveness. He is so humble and selfless and I am so thankful He really bridged the gap so that we could be saved. It would be so sad and hopeless if all of us were lost without an eternal plan. I am thankful that we can become, and grow, and be with our families/ loving, fun, support systems forever! They are what truly brings joy. Thankful for Christ and His sacrifice for us.
2 Nephi 8 stands out to me. Awake, put on thy Strength. We have God's power (priesthood) on the earth. What a blessing. God has reached out to us again in love, just as he has time and time again. Loose thy self from the bands that keep you captive. Commandments and the Gospel of Jesus Christ are true freedom. I am not sure the meant interpretation, but in this way, it meant a lot to me. I also thought Matthew 4:1-11 was really awe inspiring. Especially with the Joseph Smith translations. I can't describe it. Jesus Christ is perfect, though . The way he handled everything. And then selflessly turned outwards (like in Elder Bednar's talk) to send angels to minister to John in prison, after all that he had been through, not even stopping to think of himself. He is the perfect example and is so strong. I wrote, "Boss Jesus" in my scriptures, because I really do respect Him, and in a more reverent manner, I really am so thankful for all that we have on Earth to help us to follow Him and know of His Gospel. With healing in His wings. 

Sister Wilcox

You all know the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Follow me to see if we can relive the adventure. Of course we'll have to stop to refresh ourselves if we survive!!