Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 24

No one really celebrates Easter here, but I bought some chocolate eggs at an American store in the main city and started hiding them randomly around the apartment for the roommates. Their reactions were super funny.

I love keeping updated on David and Aunt Kim (please keep the postcards coming :D ). Last Monday we went to 10,000 Buddhas and today we went on a hike in Tuen Mun with one of our investigator friends, AJ. It was so nice. I love hiking. It was also one of the sisters birthdays the other day and we had a little party and I made her waffles in the morning which is what her mom always makes her (I had no idea). We have had lots of miracles lately. And sickness, but are getting better! We visited a member's mom in the hospital who had cancer. She passed now. But there was something so special about that visit. And her smile. It meant so much to her and her son (he is 18, about to serve on a mission-- he went to the hospital every day to spoon feed her and sit with her and has been taking care of her for a long time). I cannot explain the love I had for her. I know she will accept the gospel in the spirit world because I could just feel it when we were there. We have a really beautiful area. Such good people, such good service opportunities (crossroads!).

The Bible Videos are our go-to during meals and prep time. I have really loved reading about Abinidi lately and the simple Book of Mormon stories picture book. I really love it. And Jesus the Christ which is deep doctrine. Both are so interesting and worth your time. This mission is life changing and although challenging I know it is changing me into who God wants me to be. It is so amazing, how we able to learn our weaknesses and overcome them. It is like he is trying to turn us into diamonds-- being perfected under pressure. We don't understand it all now, but we have already changed so much. Thanks for spending your time reading :) I hope that you all remember that conversion never ends. If you ask Heavenly Father what you need to change, He will tell you. And he will help you to overcome any problem, addiction, sickness. That's the amazing thing about the atonement. It is there so that we can be perfected. It will better our lives; shape us and help us to become more that we ever thought we could be. We are so blessed. Take advantage of what Christ already did for us.

Also: This week I will work on finding through less actives's by visiting their home with oranges (learned from Butterfly sisters). Tsui Pohpoh is still unable to be baptized, but can start going to the Wan Chai building for church, because she is there daily to help her older sister. I am excited to start reading the Book of Mormon picture book with investigators; I think it will really help them understand and enjoy reading it with us. Good things to come!

Btw, grandpa, I love your blog :) Keep up the fun! Also, I took pics of pics from Aunt Debbie/ Wendy/ Chrissy's blogs because their kids are just adorable and I want to have the pics with me :) any more blogs out there I should know about? Is there anything that I can help you and Grandma with? Any prayers needed?

Love you all!
Sister Wilcox

Map of the missions in Asia. As usual, click on the picture for a larger view so you can see the details.

Wealthier homes
Note which side of the road they drive on.
4 of the 10k+ buddhas
View from 10k buddhas
near our apartment
bc puppies..
View from the Wan Chai building (the sky scraper stake center downtown)
Birthday girl Sister Hansen!
They don't celebrate Easter here like we do, so I hid little chocolate easter eggs for my roommates all around the apartment. They were thrilled
On a hike
View from the mountain to Tuen Mun Ferry Pier
A hospital
A roof near the hospital that has a little park on it.
Tuen Mun is beautiful (we hiked the mountains in the background see more of the hike below)
We helped an investigator move/ recreate her garden
Sally (gardening investigator) gave us new plants!!
old guy

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Week 23

There was no letter this week but plenty of pictures.


New bag and Jesus!
Black Forest birthday cake--our favorite
Let's shop for food!
appetising chicken
market goodies. Can you guess what they are?
Quick lunch
27$ for ramen... smh. When you go out to eat.