Sunday, March 20, 2016

Week 22

We helped a syrian lady who is our friend move at Crossroads. She has a cute cat. Lots of international people there.

People keep feeding us food. Yamchah is a fun experience. They bring a bunch of containers of different asian food that you've preselected. It just keeps coming one by one, and then you eat what you want from the middle of the table (pick it up and put it in your bowl with chopsticks). Sandy is like an older sister to us, so cool. We will probably visit each other all after our missions. We also have an investigator named AJ who is 19 and in school for fashion. She is making a portfolio for school in England and designs/ sews really fancy dresses. It is really cool. We also had a relief society event and they had some cool performances (Chinese fans/ dancing? traditional songs. free asian food. yum). A lot of the squishy asian food textures are really fun. I like it. Mcdonalds has something called shake fries right now (seaweed or honey bbq flavored, put in a bag with powder and shake it). The bakeries still have so many tasty looking things i havent tried.

I had language pass off, I'm a perfectionist, so of course I practiced a ton before I went (plan of salvation). It was so good. The zone leader was blown away by how good i did. He was about to sign his name and then asked "wait, is this your first time trying this one?" i said yes and then he said he never passes on the first try. What in the world! That completely ignores the point of the language pass off! anyways. rant over. lol.

Lots of special things have happened this week. I think the most important thing I can say is to keep your eyes open to the blessings (maybe even take time to write them down). They are all around you.

"Look at your life through Heaven's eyes" "Let the Holy Spirit Guide" Listen to these songs :)
David- 2 Samuel 10:4. idk
Ngoi leihdeih

Sis Wilcox

Sandy (gaje) and Sister Villasin
So many different foods at Stake Relief Society event
Cute craft we gave to some people with a note on the bottom
Relief Society cultural event--fan dancers

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