Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 21

Let me tell you more about the American meal last week, the typical Hong Kong street foods, and what they typically eat every meal. The American food was really good salsa (sweet and a bit spicy but so good) with dorritos, chicken wings, potato salad, and an alfredo sauce pasta with shrimp. It was all very good.

The things that we see on the streets everywhere are meats and fish. There are these yellow square things with fish or octopus or shrimp inside. And fish balls and skewers with different meats. You also see hanging whole cooked bodies of chicken in a lot of store windows (with head and feet). There are also a lot of street vendors with these funnel cake/ waffle type batters and the waffle with peanut butter or the funnel cake with fish in it. Lots of dessert drinks with grass jelly or pearl in it (squishy sweet things). People basically eat rice or noodles with everything, and usually there is a boiled vegetable included (in the soup or on the rice... the vegetables are all very good). You can eat noodles for any meal, including breakfast. Oh, there is always lots of soup before the rice meal is given.. A vegetable type soup. Usually very good and has taro or tomato or potato or random vegetables that idl how to say in English in it.

This week we were able to ride the ferry to Central (main city when you think of Hong Kong) and ride another ferry off Tuen Mun Ferry Pier to Tai O. Tai O is a very small little fisherman town. It was so beautiful and relaxing and fun to walk around in the traditional market with all the dried fish skins and chinese herbs and things. I drank straight from a coconut. We ate lunch at a Thai restaurant.

We finally found a really good chocolate chip cookie recipe (give to relief society etc). One of the members at church was super surprised this Sunday when I told him I had only been here for two months. He thought I was here for at least a year because my Cantonese is so good :) That is nice. And a lady asked me if I get as much compliments in the US as I do here (so pretty). They are all so sweet. I think it is so funny because soooo many people have poodles here. It is crazy. One of our investigators almost died laughing the other day (choked), because she kept trying to force me to eat more and I wanted to prove to her how full I was so I stuck out my stomach as far as I could... their humor here is when we make fun of ourselves lol. Our new Elders are really great. They are so hard working and encourage us to be better and vice versa, are so motivated by our efforts: "so powerful." And they are really good cooks (gentleman, take notes).

I think it's funny how much people still give us. Our ward is so generous. And our investigators give us so much food. We are definitely getting our fill of the culture and the food. We ate duck again the other day (pretty good) and gave the rest (it was a whole duck that our investigator gave us) to all the Elders in our district. They are also amazed by how much food we give them. Lol.

Using chopsticks, you should never stick the chopsticks into the food in the bowl. You always rest them laying down on the edge. And when you grab food to serve your self you kind of scoop instead of opening and closing to grab little bits of food. Idk how to explain it. You generally use the chopsticks for everything. Even like chicken wings and things. Its funny because KFC is very popular here. Does that answer your questions about food in Hong Kong?

This week was good. I learned a lot. We made cookies with some investigators and with the Macbeths (Wan Chai missionary couple) to give to Relief Society. The ward is really growing in unity and it feels like a nice little home.

I love service. There is a less active who is unable to come to church because she has back problems. Simply just visiting her and sharing a short video/ message and loving her means so much to her. We are like family to her. It is special.

I am so thankful for the prayers that I can feel being answered. Others will be blessed because of their faith and prayers for God's missionaries. I am so grateful that I am able to receive specific revelation and guidance from my loving Father in Heaven and that I am learning how to really recognize and rely on the promptings of the Holy Spirit. It is a blessing.

His hand is really so strong in our lives. I think sometimes He gives us just enough of a challenge to remind us how much He really is strengthening us and blessing us. I am blessed to witness His guidance and miracles every day.

Scriptures that have meant a lot to me this week: 2 Nephi 7-8; Ephesians 5-6; D&C 31.

I think it is so important to enjoy every moment and experience in your life. Every person who is put in your path. And to allow Christ to give you strength. Allow Him to enable you to be better and to help you to become more than you ever would have imagined. I hope that you all will remember to pray. For so many things in life, prayer is the only answer. It is the thing that I can promise will help you. Through anything.

Love y'all
Sis Wilcox

our area

The flower that the HK flag is based off of
Our excursion: First to Central
Ferry 1 to Central
Tuen Mun Ferry Pier
Riding the ferry to Tai O
These gondolas go up to Big Buddha
You can see a little pagoda (?) on the mountain
Fishing village of Tai O
Market was filled with these
tractor thing
Coconut drinks

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