Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 20

Thanks Wilcox family for the Valentines Day package! It was so sweet. I loved the cards. It definitely was really great to have. And the money converts to 700 HK $!. I'm rich! (My favorite bread with sweet coconut filling costs 3.50 HK$). Mimi is so special to me (hopefully she reads this). Love and miss you all.

You asked what our kitchen is like. Our apartment has a stove, a toaster oven, two fridges, and a microwave. I actually really love camomile, and peppermint herbal teas, and of course hot cocoa. But when we are with people, they don't really give us herbal teas, so we ask for sodas instead.

Seeing the apostle last week was so great. Such a neat experience. It was a very peaceful and meaningful experience for me. Especially to see his wife. She is an ordinary woman, but with such a big responsibility. She supports her husband. She has a strong testimony of her own. I was praying for her at one point during the meeting because I could sense there was stress or sadness or something and after I was done she looked right at me and smiled. It was really neat. The spirit was very strong and it was neat to shake his hand/ hug his wife, and to see their example. I love our mission president's wife Sister Lam as well. Such strong women. My companion sister Villasin taught a sister (elderly couple) to make fish lanterns, who in turn gave one to the apostles wife (the apostle was having meetings on the same floor as they work in the Wan Chai chapel). So cool.

Sister Hoxer's, one of the other missionaries in our apartment, birthday was Tuesday. We had Milkees (peach milk soda... so good) floats (with vanilla icecream) and cake and gave her icecream mochi and a head massager. It was fun. Thursday was transfers. We now have a baby missionary in our apartment (fresh from the MTC) and Sister Hoxer is training her (only 4 months into the mission!). Her name is Sister Hansen.

Tuen Mun got two new Elders (whitewashed). They are really good. They are enthusiastic and positive. Really uplifts us to not drag them to do the work :) They help us. God is aware of our needs. The new Tuen Mun Elders have changed the atmosphere of the ward. It feels like they are working with us to really build relationships with the members and love them and get to know them. They are positive and hard working and dedicated to obedience/ building the member records and area book (much needed in this area). I can already feel a difference in the ward because they have a good attitude and it doesn't feel like we are dragging them to do the work. I am so thankful. Tuen Mun ward will definitely be growing in unity and strengthened this next transfer. Exciting. We invited them to come with us to a part-member family dinner. Those people were so fun and sweet and made us American food (super yummy).

We had service at Crossroads and English class again this week, of course. Fun things. I lost my bag for a while but I have it now so it is all good (though my investigator with a baptism date stole some money from it!!! Oh no. Pray for her). We also had a fun ward activity where they taught us how to make 72-hour kits (they served this fun chinese frozen pudding dessert thing and pizza with peaches on it!!! so good). I love the Lau family (both of them). One of them has this cute baby who we call "the Boss" because he is so stubborn and doesn't smile and always walks around like he's a boss. He is 2. I almost got him to smile the other day and he didn't walk away from me when I talked to him. So close to being his friend! Next week I'll give him icecream. The other Lau family has cute kids too. I always ask one of them who his favorite missionaries are and he says we are :) I tried to give him durian icecream last Sunday and he got scared and ran away because it smells bad but next week I'll get him and his brothers mango icecream (his favorite). It is fun to see people open up and to actually feel like a member of this ward. I love to hug everyone. The new elders (Elder Jensen and Klein who is British) are really genuine with people so the ward will be good.

I wrote to our mission president: "I suggest that missionaries use those new hoverboards (they have 2 wheels). I think that it would be effective for proselyting because it would grab attention in a positive way and help us to talk to more people. Missionaries would get less sick, because they wouldn't be worn out from walking and would get to their destinations quicker (less time in the heat or cold). Some missions have bikes and iPads. Our budget could be used on hoverboards." What do you all think? Lol. But seriously.

Love, Sister Wilcox

Went to see an apostle! Hopefully they will send pics we all took together

My mtc comp
Sis V and Sis Pack
Big City
Christmas lights near our apartment
Wan Chai
Sis Hoxer bday
Sis Allison lighting cake (she is gone now)
Last picture of the district together before transfers
Jessica do you like this skirt? Everyone else disregard the random mirror selfies haha
Hong Kong ads in a nutshell
New Sis

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