Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 19

Thanks David for the cool picture post cards. I have been showing them to youth members or to families that we visit. Everyone is so amazed by the big fish you are swimming next to. All the pictures are so cool and fun to show to people. Can someone send me the picture of me doing a scorpion in cheerleading (it is in my cheerleading photo folder on facebook). Thank you! I am so proud of Joseph (spelling bee champion for central FL?)! That is so cool, and if he was praying to do well in this competition (which I feel that he was), then I think he was blessed in his studies to go over that word "tchotchke". You are so cool, Joseph. I am excited.

I think what you grandpa said about stubborness is so great and true. As long as the extended Thompson family has stubbornness as a family trait, we might as well decide to be stubborn on the Lord's side. Funny.

Today (Feb 22) we will be going to Wan Chai and seeing the new apostle Elder Stevensen!! So excited. We will also get a group picture with him. Wan Chai is the skyscraper that looks like a chapel the whole way up, in the main city. (That is the stake center with the English branch you, grandma and Kim went to church in all those times when you were in Hong Kong).

I'm excited to be in Provo and Hawaii after the mission. I will be doing family history work and service!! If you have family stories/ memories (especially of people who have passed away) please write them down and save them all! I will be asking for them when I get back. Also, always to remember to look to your patriarchal blessing and develop those qualities that are mentioned :) Inspired.

I realize there are actually a lot of really good foods here. My stomach is starting to get used to the noodles and meats and I like them (sometimes). Abelone is strange, my companion was given it at a house the other day, but apparently it is very expensive. I love taro/ube flavor desserts!!! Especially mochi. So good. And the drinks of course are still my favorite thing. Some of them have pearl which are like squishy things (idk, I will send a picture). I gave some durian ice cream to some kids who we met on Saturday (visited the members home-- parents are great, went to BYU-H together, grew up in Tuen Mun). The kids were so funny they smelled it and got scared and ran away. I had never heard of durian... I didn't know it was a gross flavor. Oops. Btw, aloe works miracles for your skin!

At the mall a random guy came up to me and said "Hello, wife! I haven't seen you in so long. Can I cheng you both?" (Pay for a meal) We said we had to go and he tried to give me the key to his house. We ran away. Also, at church, an old man from another ward came up to shake my hand and got so surprised and said "hou chih gung jai!" I didnt know what it meant so he spent two minutes finding someone to translate it. He said I look just like a doll (barbie). Maybe the blonde hair? When I explain the story it just sounds really uncomfortable and funny.

I was thinking about a couple weeks ago when it was freezing and windy and we helped Sister Choi to church. We passed this tunnel at one point and the wind was so strong I thought she was going to fall over or blow away. That same week we were sitting in church and looking out the door/window and tumbleweed was rolling across the sidewalk. Last week we were sitting in the same spot looking out the window while making calls, and a lady walked past rolling a pink suitcase behind her. There was a child's head sticking out the top. My companion and I were just watching, so confused. No words. Had to be there kind of moment (very funny).

Also, I love that all the asian dads have baby straps to carry their baby on their stomach when they walk around. I think it is hilarious. Future husband: you will be wearing that everywhere you go. Lol. But really I'm buying one.

We were able to have the elders give Sister Choi a priesthood blessing. She has been so sick and her eyes/ foot/ other areas as well are all in pain. She has to go to a different hospital every day. Her baptism is postponed to next Sunday. The blessing was very meaningful to her. She is so sweet. Luckily her daughter is living with her now, so she is being taken care of.

The Young Women of our district made icecream the other day and gave us a tub to share in our apartment (banana flavor) yum! Every Sunday the members have a basket for the missionaries, and this week it was filled with chocolate, ramen noodle packets (their flavors here and different types of noodles are actually really good), different fruits, cans, drinks, and tons of the delicious hong kong bread from the bread store. A member also gave us a bag of kitkats. Last week I got a huge bag of musli and a fish lol. They are so generous.

This week I was really able to understand people more. I realize addiction is such a hard thing to overcome. We are so blessed to have the commandments which keep us safe from such a hardship. It really limits your free will and self control. It is important never to lose hope in people. They want to change. It is a hard thing (smoking, coffee, etc)... because you are trying to regain control and overcome those habits/ urges. All we can do is support them and encourage them (hopefully to replace the tendencies with healthier habits). So at this point we are trying to help two investigator's overcome their addictions. We will need to postpone their baptisms. They have such good hearts and all the right desires. We know they can do it; they just need time.

Sister Villasin and I were able to really get to know some of the members and gain their trust. I love the new tips for the member book; we need to write the things we have learned about them, not just what has been taught. It will make it easier for the next missionaries, because right now there is no information on any of our members. We have learned about their friends in the church, their future goals, the needs and lives of their families, the reasons for their joining the church, etc. We have been able to encourage them and show our appreciation for their service. Good things. We went to Yuen Long to the oldest/ first chapel in Hong Kong (they are in our zone). We met a random guy on the street in Yuen Long on the way home from a stake youth activity (missionary activity), and he is now a new investigator in Tin Shui Wai! He went to church on Sunday. We are so blessed to have finding made so easy (find at all times!!!... they come to you as you live the gospel).

We have another baptism date! We brought an investigator (Kylie) to a member FHE/ meal. We talked about prayer and then got the youngest one (7 years old) excited about baptism. We then said that Kylie would be getting baptized as well (had prayed beforehand and felt that we should prepare a date for the member meal)... and when they asked when, she told them in May (the date we had decided). Miracles. She gave herself the baptism date. Always follow the spirit's promptings :)

Yan's phone still isn't working, but she showed up at church again on Sunday (another miracle; I love her so much and have so much faith/confidence in her) and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was very special. She even bore her testimony afterwards (she was very nervous)! Two other investigators, Sister Wan and Sister Wong were present and were so touched. They talked to her afterwards. I think we were all edified by the experience.

Sister Wilcox

Remember that if you click on the picture, you can get a bigger close up view.

In our area

The bowl has a sweet pork bun (love buying them).
Mochi and mochi ice cream (ube flavor). Heaven on earth
I like sending pictures of my outfits... so here
Fun outfit. Sorry I'm not smiling.
Sister Allison in our apartment (Butterfly ward). Transfers are soon so I wanted to make sure I had a picture with both of them.
Sister Hoxer
Yuen Long First chapel in Hong Kong
Pic of it way back when
Walking in YL
Some areas are super rural out near Hung Shui Kiu (way back to Tuen Mun)
If you know what kind of dog this is, you get a prize (this will be my future dog).
Path that we walk every day on the way to the chapel (has bike path as well)
Lau family
Kylie and yummy asian drink with pearl.
People sitting watching their bird cages.

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