Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Week 16

The Chinese New Years celebration for the year of the Monkey is inabout a week. Already there are lots of flowers everywhere and fish lanterns. You asked if we eat at the noodle shops like they have in Kung Fu Panda. There are also noodle shops everywhere but we usually cook our own foods in the apartments. I love the drinks here. They have a lot of different sweet drinks you can get at the dessert shops and things. You noticed that there are two bunk beds in our apartment. There are 4 sisters in our apartment. I am on the top bunk. We do have heat for this unusual cold spell. We have two little plug in heaters for our apartment but they are sufficient. I have 4 blankets. The weather has been really nice this week, but I think it may get cold again next week.

It is so cool that David is learning guitar. He is a cool kid. Grandpa, you are also cool, I didn't know you lectured in Macau and Hong Kong. That is so neat that there now is a YSA branch in the stake.

This week I got to go to the Hong Kong temple for the first time. It was beautiful and so special. I was able to get inspiration on some things that I had been weighing out in my mind.

This week has been hard. I have felt completely spiritually, mentally, and physically exhausted. But Heavenly Father continues to answer prayers. He gives me strength. I have been able to witness so many miracles. I have been able to grow relationships with ward members and watch as the ward is unified and strengthened. I am blessed to be called to such a tight-knit, small, humble, welcoming (to all the people we bring) ward. It is like home.

I had been feeling pretty unwell for a bit of the week, and we really pushed ourselves to press forward. By Sunday, Sister Villasin and I were "struck by lightning." It was very difficult in our individual scenarios to make the calls and to go to the church. But we had prayer to rely on :) And my exact prayers were answered. The two investigator's we weren't able to get ahold of, were at church. One had been locked out of her house after work the night before and had no sleep, but knew she had to go to church (she will be getting baptized soon) and the other made it a priority to come all the way from the Hong Kong island to get to church (also getting baptized soon). Their faith and testimonies are so bright and touching. I have been able to build trust and relationships with people that required a lot of prayer and effort and sincerity. One lady who we have been visiting but doesn't like to talk much about church has been becoming brighter and happier and when we called to ask what we can do to help her, she told us to pray for her. People seem to reach out to me at the exact moments I need it as well. I like to think that in Heavenly Father's work, He is also trying to build and help and reach out to us. There were lots of little miracles so evident throughout the week. He does not stop the wind, He gives us strength to overcome. 2 Cor 12:9-10 Our infirmities allow Christ to strengthen us. And in that way, we are so blessed.

Sister Wilcox

Selfie with Sister Choi, the indestructible.

Our ceiling finally fell.
Luckily I wasn't home when it fell.
Aurelia at the Hong Kong temple.
Fancy houses near the temple.
Crossroads. We volunteer here every Wednesday.
We built a roof over the cashier. This is before we put hay on it.
Our beautiful area. New Territories, our zone, is the coldest part of Hong Kong.
We "heart attacked" some of the members/investigators doors. We used some of our food money to buy the candy.
She lives above a little barber shop.
Our investigator helps us serve other investigators and members. We brought flowers to a less active member after this.
First time eating duck. There was lamb as well. Don't worry, it wasn't just the elders there. I tried to take of a picture of the food only. There were also members there.
Super foggy and cold!
Family Home Evening games. Only one investigator came but we still had fun.
Ward Young Men cooking.


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  3. Happy New Year Au
    We miss your pretty smile :)

  4. Carrie, Chrissy and Randy are all born in the year of the Monkey, right? Happy monkey year to you!