Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Week 36

You asked about the youth programs in our Hong Kong stake. They have a good youth program. They have youth conferences (Carman, a member gave me a t-shirt from one of them and I sent it home).

Sister Villasin is my sister my mother (trainer) my baby (learned and grown so much from each other). I feel so happy and productive and we are working super effectively and loving our lives. Our companionship unity is really great. We really love each other and the missionaries serving around us.

This week we were able to meet with Sister Tsang. She is so sweet. I am really thankful she is close now with her visiting teacher, Sister Wong. Sister Tsang really cares about us, and remembers to pray everyday. She has a strong testimony and uses Gospel Principles to care for us and help us out in our lives/ service. She also has been super excited and showing us old certificates and things from when she got baptized a long time ago (in 1996, exactly 4 months after I was born)!

We also met with Sandy. She is also progressing! We gave her a chapel tour and she prayed for the first time. She told us she believed the words we were saying about the Gospel. It was really nice. She chenged us to a very traditional bundeih meal with clear noodles and pig parts (ear, intestine, idk). It made us sick but it was interesting/ an experience!

The Hung Sui Kiu district (our district now) helped do a district find with companionships placed at different chyuhns all around the Tuen Mun area (all 6 companionships... biggest district in Hong Kong)! It was really sweet of all of them though. Our work/ ward needs support. I think it really lifted ours and the elders spirits at the time.

Sister Chan asked for an earlier baptism date. Her son will baptize her on July 3 :) Sunday, we taught her the Plan of Salvation and Gospel of Jesus Christ with her son (a twin, return missionary). He testified and helped clarify a bunch of things for her. It was an extremely spiritual, special lesson. We love her so much. She is so sweet. We also were able to help someone named Iris and reminded her to read the scriptures every day. I love the Daily Bread video (watch all 3).

I've learned to really trust leaders/ those called in this work. It is amazing how much I've learned this past week. Everything is so bright and positive and beautiful around. I'm ready for the change that is coming, and will accept happily any responsibility given. Tuen Mun is a lovely ward/ area. And this mission means everything to me. This Gospel is so true.

Sister Wilcox

No pictures this week.

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