Monday, May 30, 2016

Week 33

On Monday I got my haircut. Also, I was going to request some smarties from my family this week to send me, but then I got a package from Mimi and Papaw with tons of smarties and jolly ranchers in it! Thanks for being so sweet and inspired :) I love the cousin reunion shirts, and the fact that you are all spending time together. Family is so important. I am forever grateful that I have been born into an extended family who is so close and sincerely care about each other/ spend so much time together. The best! Also, thank you for the sweet letter, I loved reading it. It means a lot when people send me things :) Mary and Sister Barton and Aunt Kim and David thank you all as well (your letters were sweet).

Happy Birthday Summer!!!!! You are the prettiest (Candy, our model friend said your face/ you are very beautiful), sweetest, most easy going, fun, creative, talented person I know. I am so excited you are going to be my roommate at BYU. I <3 u OH and I got your grad pic it is gorgeous.

Many miracles :)

It's been raining a lot but it didn't rain during/ before or after church this Sunday (everyone walks to church). Recognize the little blessings.

Zone Conference was really great (met in Kowloon Tong with our stake and Tolo Harbour stake. Some things inspired actions on our part. We have both been sick a lot this week, which has resulted in a lot of former investigator calls and, of course, prayers. Our Relief Society had a bowling activity and were so happy because we had 1 new investigator, 2 former investigators, and 4 referrals/ potential investigators show up! Not many people usually attend the activities for Relief Society anyway, so it ended up being really fun and exciting for everyone.

Also, on June 5 is a very exciting time! We will now have more stakes in Hong Kong. There will be an event in Wan Chai. Progress in the work (good things).

I know that the prayers for finding new people really with prepared hearts, interested in learning the Gospel (and fasting) have worked. And that these sicknesses have made us really aware of the Lord's hand in this work and our lives. It has allowed us to recognize how special these people who are so ready and willing to learn are. They don't need to be "dragged to the font," they recognize that repentance and baptism are gifts to their lives. They "hunger and thirst after righteousness." It really is a miracle. Sister Lau's mother (Sister Chan, who's husband died a little while ago) has been in our thoughts and prayers for a while. She is so sweet and calm and loving. We always hug her and make special effort to talk to her, and she has never been ready to meet with us (too sad about the loss of her husband, although we would bear testimonies that she would see him again), even if just to talk and get to know her. But this Sunday, Sister Lau and Chan came up to us and invited us to dinner that night and to share a message. And then they told us Sister Chan wanted to be baptized (she has been coming to Sacrament and the Gospel Principles class and Relief Society for quite a while with her daughter) and asked how many lessons she will need beforehand. Her heart is prepared and our prayers are answered. And she is already so special and dear to us. I love their family and am so thankful for this miracle. Her son is also a bit less active and his family lives with her, but it was so sweet to eat with all of them. His little children love to pray all the time and they (him included) all have good testimonies. Sister Chan's children joined the church when they were young. And now the mother is ready to join. I am so happy for them. Also, she has always been too scared to pray out loud, but prayed out loud for the first time with all of us, and her kids and grandchildren all were so happy afterwards. We gave her a cute little picture of a family kneeling together and praying and told her to put it by her bed so that she could remember to pray every morning and night.

We also have some children that are ready to be baptized soon that we will be teaching, to help them understand the Gospel more and I think it is a great idea.

I love this work!!!!

Everyone should watch 17 miracles, we watched it again this week (I had to buy some of the Elders icecream to use their usb and watch it lol, so it's worth it). It really makes you appreciate the pioneers. Also the Book of Mormon student manual is very helpful to read because it helps you understand the Book of Mormon and have interest/ love it moreso. So I highly suggest finding one and reading it.

Also I like this hymn: Have I Done Any Good? It is so real and straight forward. Wake up; stop dreaming of the future! You can have happiness now, just serve others :) Truth.

Love you all,
Sister Wilcox

My haircut

Wilcox family cousin reunion (who can photoshop me into the picture? only partly kidding). And edit my pimple out please and thank you -_- (I'm saying it so that you don't have to... yes, I noticed).
Mimi... Roomies celebrating red nose day!!! Thanks
Taxi moustaches
Companion Villasin's birthday
Bowling. Sister Villasin just might be a pro!
English Class. Click on the picture and take a look at what we all want to be when we grow up.... lol. (Credit goes to Mary for mine).
A man walking his pet turtles at our favorite sitting spot, "Pohpoh Sorority." (There are a bunch of cute grandmas who sit here in the morning. We just want to be a part of the club haha). It really is hou siufuk though (super comfortable/ nice weather).
A-Hei/ "Baby Boss." My favorite baby!!! (Sister Lau's son). He is the sassy/ stubborn one I always talk about. He finally likes us! We can make him smile and give him high fives. Whenever you tell him to smile for the camera he does this (points to his cheek and poses like that). He's the best.
Sister Chan made us some yummy food! It was nice being at their house because it was a bit like home (lots of cute noisy kids running around the whole time).
Chan/ Lau family


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