Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 30

Grandpa, thanks for the fun Mother's Day activities updates. I love my family.

I was able to go shopping a little and get some lighter summer shirts (hou yiht-- so hot).

This week was also a good one. We were able to serve a less active and help her clean her house, and a member helped us! They were able to grow in relationship with one another. We taught English Class, and had every attendee take a flyer to invite a friend to come with them next week. The class was really fun but also beneficial to them. We had everyone involved and getting to know each other, and also were able to tie in the gospel and bear our testimonies. It went very well. We also did a pictionary kind of thing and had the sisters teach expressions, which got a laugh.

One of our less actives has been getting very angry recently. She started smoking during one of our lessons and told us all that matters is her heart and God doesn't care if she smokes and that we shouldn't put ourselves above her. For some reason she takes offense at everything I say (even small things like not knowing what kind of bird eats sunflower seeds) and she started hitting me really hard the other day. I feel that we shouldn't visit with her anymore. She is angry at some of the members/ bishop for some reason (compared him to a janitor) and keeps thinking we are telling her to be humble. Hmm. But we still love her... maybe should just avoid her for now (told me I have a weak mind and that she could kill me with chopsticks if she wanted to/ stabbed them at me).

We have another less active (Anne) who is so sweet and she doesn't come to church because she has work on Sundays. She will start going to the everyday ward in Wan Chai on Saturdays! I am so happy that she is so committed to the Gospel. She also got to see a member this week that she had met 2 years ago (Carman) and they were able to catch up/ get each other's phone numbers. It was a blessing. She was so excited that I got her mini versions of the bible and book of mormon and got Sister Villasin some cookies for her birthday.

On Saturday I sprained my foot playing soccer in the morning. I was trying to get the ball from Sister Hoxer (we were playing on a concrete soccer field) and completely biffed it. Sister Villasin had to wheel me around on a wheelchair on her birthday. It was actually kind of humorous. Service brings happiness, so I guess that was another birthday gift to her (it certainly made me feel appreciative of how sweet and selfless she is!). We had to go all the way to Wan Chai for a meeting that day and back and then went to the ER to get an xray and see if it was broken. We had to wait 4 hours and didn't get home until 1am (curfew is 9:30pm lol). Of course, we let President Lam know. But one of the members works at the hospital and saw us there. The next day he told us we were lucky, because the waiting time is often 8 hours. He is one of the Priesthood Leaders, and he gave me a healing blessing. I am thankful for our members' faith and know it will heal quickly!

Mother's Day was nice and peaceful at church. We made little bead swans in a shape of a heart with a reference to the talk by Sister Marriott in General Women's Conference and gave them to all the Relief Society. I am thankful for our lovely ward. And I got to call my fun family! They are the best.

We met a member on the MTR (train) and he pretended like he didn't know anything about the church for like 30 mins, but we gave him a card after getting to know him and invited him to church. It was funny how the conversation happened, but I guess I passed the test!

Sister Wilcox
loves you all

New missionaries at district meeting (both are zone leaders)

Little house shared by 6 people
Working with shop stock at crossroads
My favorite Sister Hansen
My favorite Sister Hoxer
Mothers Day gift for the ward
New light shirt for summer! yay
Im a 5 star at eating with chopsticks and making ramen (skill)
Investigator get-to-know/ Sister V bday party
So last week I made fun of all the foot injuries... I guess you could call it karma. Oh Tinfuh, you have a sense of humor dontcha? On my way to the hospital.
Stylish mom and baby in the hospital. idk
Debating if I should send it. Eh enjoy. My ankle injury.
Bday gurl (my comp)
My gudetama folder (as requested to send pic to fam)

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  1. Be careful Sister Au Wilcox 😅
    Also some people may need time for personal revelations. Let's God work his mercy with them for now. They will be alright in God's time

    We should have practice soccer with you before you left 😁 ... Thou 5star noodle skill is amazing 👍🏻 🤓