Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 32

Summer was the main speaker at seminary graduation?! That is so special. She is so special I like your explanation about how our experience last week of being without food with the members and investigators randomly giving us food was simply God feeding his birds the way the scriptures tell us he will do if we serve him. That was inspiring to read :) It really is true. You have baby calves? How adorable. What names did grandma give them? You ask if I am learning any Chinese characters since I see them all the time. I know a couple characters, but there is English with the characters almost everywhere you go, so I haven't started learning yet. I automatically look at the English. 9 months in the field is probably when I will start. Thanks for the family updates as always!

Great Week!

We gave a Book of Mormon to Sandy with our testimonies written in it. We attended A-Wah's mother's funeral (there weren't many people there, but all the missionaries sang "God be with you til we meet again" and the service was all held by ward members with two of his family members there (dad and uncle). I'm so amazed by how much of a little family this ward is; they really do support each other and care about each other so much. She will be with him in heaven :)

Sister Lui (Anne) has found another job that deals with passports for people from the Philippines and Indonesia. We will know next week if she will be able to have Sundays off! If not, she wants to go to the everyday ward in Wan Chai. AJ is praying for a baptism date for when she goes to England and is setting up her life revolved around the Gospel. It is really great. She was super excited during our lesson the other day (we had committed her to read the Book of Mormon every day sincerely). She had prayed for Heavenly Father to give her a scripture that would help her and turned to Alma 34:40. She was so excited to discuss this with us and her faith has really been growing. We have been watching the Scripture Legacy video with a lot of the people we meet. It really helps us to more fully understand and appreciate the scriptures that we have. And to recognize the truth of it.

We met some sweet old ladies near a waterfall display who do a routine dance exercise every night. They were super sweet and even asked us questions about the Book of Mormon. We will be meeting them again and getting referrals/ telling them more about the Gospel. They are so sweet and consider us their friends already.

Little Ethan Lau had his baptism this Sunday! He is so adorable and sweet. The whole ward supported their family and I bought him a little mango icecream (his favorite flavor). It was so cute because all of his little primary friends sang at the baptism and they each had little gifts they wanted to give him afterwards. It was definitely a special day for him.

Sister Villasin is sick with the flu. Our members are really great and really care for us. They always give us tips on how to stay more healthy. I tend to get pins and needles often in my arms and legs when I'm sleeping in the night and it wakes me up, so one of the members gave me advice for that.

I love this Gospel and the opportunity to serve as a missionary and I want to do all that I can to consecrate myself and be exactly obedient. This is the Lord's work and I am on His sacred time. These are God's special children. I'm thankful for and trust the personal revelation God gives to me. It is so meaningful and I'm thankful that He tells us the ways we need to improve and provides a trial or lesson in order to help us to learn and to grow. I rely on it. I'm thankful for the things that force us to turn to Him and rely on Him. This Gospel is the truth and it is a miracle. Christ has made it possible for us to return to our Father in Heaven and to become like Him, and to be with our families for eternity. It is truly amazing that we have his restored church on the earth.

Dear everyone: Please read 2 Nephi 8-9. I love love love these chapters. So much sticks out that is so meaningful and applicable. I know you will be able to find something applicable to your lives as well.

Sister Wilcox

P.S. Oh also read Mosish 2, 4; Alma 5; Job 28
And you should watch the Daily Bread (3 mormon messages you can find online) videos with family for FHE. ok that's it bye :)love y'all

Our area

Kin Sang in our area
Near the Tuen Mun library (we usually use Tai Hing Library because it is closer to the apartment) and Trend Plaza (shopping mall with Zara H&M etc)
Sister Villasin and Sister Lui (Anne).
Poodles!! (my fave kind of dog. so cute.)
My future poodle!!! I will name it muihmuih. Really though. To parents: Do BYU H apartments allow dogs?
It is super hot so it is shopping time for new shirts :)
Ethan's baptism. Primary kids singing their little hearts out--so cute adorable
Adorable Ethan and random member Sister Ki. Also Elder Andersen and Jensen in the back

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