Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 29

Grandpa: Are there a lot of blackberries on your property? That is awesome! The blackberry buckle that my family ate at your Sunday hotdog roast sounded delicious. I love when our extended family gets together. Love you all sooo much! Congrats to Summer graduating!!! Tell my Dad to bring the Canon DSLR and get some really good pictures at her graduation (sit on left side facing stage to get pic of face)! Grandma is funny-- always trying to get us married off by having us go the the YSA ward. She is cute.

Family: Thank you for the fun package! Always brightens my day to hear from you. (And the book is so cute and sweet). Have fun partying in Australia and Hawaii! Life is bliss Friends from Texas: you never put your names on the Easter Package/ letter. Thank you so much though, and the pictures are much appreciated!

We have a really fun bucket list planned. Today we are shopping for lighter clothing (summer is HOT). But we will hopefully be going to Long Island next week. And we have a lot of other really fun ideas planned. Last Monday we went to another really beautiful reservoir called Tai Lam with Sandy and she chenged us twice (dim sum and traditional meal). She is so sweet. We also found a really pretty waterfall!

This week was so great. We are back on track and working hard. Good things.

f We were able to meet with a referral from the Philippines and teach him the restoration in English/ Tagalog (Elder Brandse's uncle who lives in Hung Sui Kiu works with him). He is very excited and has been reading the Book of Mormon (his name is Jeffery). He will be attending the Wan Chai Tagalog ward sometime with Brother Hamilton's family.

We had transfers. Elder Klein left back to England. Elder Andersen (Tuen Mun's new Elder and one of our new zone leaders... it is also his last transfer, and he trained Elder Love from my MTC group) is really great! So intelligent and ready to be diligent. We met with Sister Anne (less active) and she has such an amazing testimony. She helped us teach two investigators. She is just always working except for Saturdays but hopes to get work off for Sunday. She also really helped us in finding people (we met someone interested in English and she got him interested in the church. He wants to come next Sunday). We have been getting many guys interested in church so the Elders have a lot of referrals to work with (Irene Ng's friends Billy and Mr. Man, Brother Chan's friend Chun Ho who wants to be baptized, Eric's friends Frankie and Tom, Sister Li's neighbor Jensen, two random finds Dick and Nick). There aren't many other transfers that happened in our district, (more roomie parties, yay) but Elder Warner also left to serve in Arizona because of Health problems and Elder Ouquist, our other Zone Leader (he served in Tin Shui Wai for his whole mission so far-- 1 year) is now in Castle Peak Bay as Elder McGrath's companion!

We have many new ideas for finding that we have been doing like meeting cute families that play on the playground in front of our apartment building, talking to little old ladies doing Zumba in the park, and handing out English class flyers near a school in Tai Hing (our ward only has one young woman!). We also made cute little swans with beads that we will be giving out with hot cocoa and General Conference quotes for the woman on Mother's Day.

We have finally updated a lot of the Member/ Area book. I have taken a ton of pictures on my camera of all the members and investigators and have printed them out for the Elders and us, because our books were empty when we got here (very hard to get to know ward from scratch without pictures, but now it is much better for the coming missionaries!). It has been a big job, but has been so necessary.

English Class is a lot better. And more focused/ fun because we distribute different tasks to different missionaries each week and meet earlier beforehand. It doesn't seem so rushed and is actually really beneficial to those who attend spiritually and intellectually. We have two new friends who are really interested and one of them is really interested in the Gospel! (Sandy Chan :) and Dick who I mentioned before).

We are hoping to get a baptism date for AJ now that she is done with her Fashion portfolio (prayers for her scholarship!). She already knows she wants to be baptized (maybe later in England) and has a testimony of the church, we will just make it more official and planned!

Weekly Planning has been really great. And we are really supporting and uplifting each other as a companionship (neither are perfect but are growing together). We enjoy doing it outside in the fresh air near cute families playing in the park. We are excited to work together with the Elders more on really growing the ward and doing member work. It will be a good transfer!

Sister Wilcox

We took a jungle hike around the reservoir.

Sandy (It rained a lotttt)
HK from a distance
Tsuen Wan area
Duck (yum), Eggplant soup (yum), Pig intestines and ears (a bit sketchy but Elder Huang from Taiwan says "delicious!").
Im not sure what the things on the left are
District pic before transfers!!!! (Elders apartment literally died... Elder Warner had foot problem, Elder Jensen from tuen mun broke his foot a while ago and Elder Klein sprained or broke his foot playing basketball... this day, the day right before he went home). Lol. What a district! (Sisters apartment was sick this whole transfer too... what a transfer). Good things to come.
this last district mtg
training in a wheel chair. haha
Near Leung King
Cute little dessert shop with Carman (member)
fancy fancy
Wanton soup (yauh shrimp)
Btw all these places pics are in our area :)
We are right now in Festival Walk near Kowloon emailing

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