Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Week 31

Thank you for the interesting taifaat. I think it's funny that when you got on your mission in Hungary, the members of your branch thought that the purpose of testimony meeting was to shout out criticisms of each other at testimony meeting. I'm glad you helped them fix that lol. Also-- I love when you tell about family history!! I am trying to collect a lot of stories etc from the past, so thank you! I'm so glad to hear about how music and art has been in our family genes for generations. I hope you have saved those paintings from your grandmother. It was fun to hear about David's music adventures in Australia.

Good week. I am so happy and at peace. I just want to be the most consecrated and obedient missionary I can be. It is like safety in this world of commotion. I just want to spend all of my time working hard and preaching His Gospel. Use the sacrificed time (His sacred time) to the fullest.

It was really nice because at one point I only had ramen and hot cocoa to eat and was feeling really gross. That same day, Sister Lui gave us some dishes and food to take home, and on the way home we ran into our bishop who wanted to "buy us some ice cream" and had us wait outside, and then came out of the store with a huge bag of groceries. I am so thankful for people who are worthy to recognize promptings of the Holy Ghost, and I am so grateful they have such good hearts. I also am so thankful I have a loving Father in Heaven who watches out for us as we do His work. It is like what he said to Joseph Smith when he had to leave his poor family to help some of the saints; take no thought of your clothing, food, etc... the saints will take care of you. It is so true. I love this Gospel. It is so true. We are so blessed to have the opportunity to serve for this short amount of time.

This week we tried to do things that didn't require as much walking (ie rested on pday) so that I could take time for my foot to heal. On Tuesday to Wednesday we did exchanges. I went to Hung Sui Kiu with Sister Meh. We taught Heidi (new investigator with a lot of deep doctrine questions) and Jimmy (LA --less active-- 1 year baptism anniversary! he is 11) and Katie (recent convert/ LA but is so sweet and wants to get back into the habit of reading scriptures daily and coming to church) and also went to a retirement home and sang/ talked to people who have no family/ are living in the old folks home. It was a really lovely experience and asked for us to come back whenever we can. They felt so loved and even the workers were so appreciative.

I am happy about language pass offs. I feel like they are so effective and I am learning so much on how to improve each time. I am thankful for the service and example of our zone leaders. English Class was great. There were a ton of people who attended (we have all been inviting a lot of people and giving the flyers to attendees/ members to give to their friends). We separate into the beginning and advanced classes and each one enables us to share testimonies/ principles of the gospel as well. It is really great. We found someone really receptive to the Gospel named Dick (he came to English class and the Elders taught him the restoration afterwards) who we will be turning over to Chihng Saan Wan (Castle Peak Bay). We were also able to meet with Sister Lui (Anne) who quit her job, and now will be able to come to church and volunteer with orphan babies. Little miracles. She says it is a miracle that she got a new tyrannic boss, because it was Heavenly Father's way of telling her she should find a new job (it was already 12 hours a day standing with dangerous chemicals and working 24 hour shifts). She has a lot of faith and I am so glad she is opening up to trust members and missionaries-- she comes to the church to sit whenever she needs to find peace.

Stake Conference was really nice. Yan came but she arrived when it ended. We were able to weekly plan outside again and meet lovely people in the center of our complex (so many families and sweet people). The fresh air just makes you feel like everything is right in the world. We went to a Young Women/ Men get together Sunday night. They all shared Gospel messages and testimonies. It was nice to be with such strong youth, and it felt a bit like home. They each made their own dish to share. We shared about Job and how he had unwavering faith/ never stopped trusting in God. We also shared the Daily Bread video. I really hope to be more like Job, and like Jesus of course. We gave the youth English Class Flyers and encouraged them to start doing missionary work now with their friends (some of them will be serving soon; summer or full time).

We have a lot of good plans for this next coming week, and already have full schedules. We are excited for good things to come.

Sister Wilcox

YW/YM activity. We all shared little messages and we gave them flyers to invite their friends to English Class/ church.

They all had to make a dish to bring (lek). The cake looking thing is rice and corn and tuna fish and seaweed.
Cheng us sihkfaahn. Yum
God looks out for us. (Bishop and Less Active gave us)
Exchanges in Hung Sui Kiu
Sister Meh (in Hung Sui Kiu. We were at the MTC at the same time)
Ice Cream Truck!

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