Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Week 10

Email day is Monday. I got the special Christmas package from Mimi!! Thank you so much. The chocolates and gifts were so sweet, in more ways than one. I feel so loved! I think it is so interesting because in Hong Kong they love Ferrer Roche chocolates, Mimi's favorites. They sell them everywhere and they always remind me of Mimi.

They also love KFC, McDonalds, and 7-11. They are everywhere. When we are on the metro, literally everyone is on their cell phone all the time.

My companion and I pretty much speak Cantonese every day all day. We are trying SYL (speak your language) so we can learn faster. I feel like I have already gotten so much better. It was hard to understand everyone at first because they speak very fast and sometimes slur their words. But this is getting better as well. I am working on really pronouncing the tones so people can understand me better. I have always wanted to live in a big city and talk to and be a part of random people's lives. It is such an amazing experience to be so close to people already and know their families and homes. We helped our investigator Jiu Poh Poh clean her fish tank and she allowed us to visit her shy son who lives next door, who the missionaries have never been able to visit before. We invited him to a Christmas party this week. Miracles happen with exact obedience and faith. Also, when you turn outward, you are able forget about yourself and focus on others. You are able to truly love them and enjoy being around them and want to get to know them. You are able to serve them and find happiness. You are able to gain their trust. I am so honored to have the ability to be a representative of Christ.

So far, the food is so good. Geimeihbau has a coconut filling. They like rice and noodles. They like their pizza with ranch dressing rather than tomato sauce--interesting. I am learning to cook Asian food.

Talking to everyone and asking so many questions is really very fun. I love getting to know people and being able to brighten their day. Every single person has a need to challenge. Every single person can be edified by this gospel. It is necessary and we can find a way to give that to them, even if it means only smiling and leaving a good impression. People will be prepared in their own time.

He will give you talents if you work for them. Those talents can bless others. I thought that was cool. We teach English classes to the Chinese every week. The missionaries alternate teaching duties.

I suggest everyone focus on learning more about Christ and the simple doctrines. That is what we should do as a family this Christmas season. You can read 2 Nephi 31, Alma 34, 3 Nephi:13-22, 3 Nephi 9. I love all of these. I invite you to also read Mosiah 27:29 and Alma 26:17 and think of a time in your life when you have been snatched. The Lord is truly merciful. He gives us experiences or trials that are really blessings in disguise. I can definitely remember some of the experiences that were changing points in my life and I am so grateful.

The ones who enter the Celestial Kingdom are "those who overcome the world through their faith." Be one of those people. I love you all! Bai, bai.
Sister Wilcox

In the airport with all the new Hong Kong missionaries in San Francisco. So many miracles happened. This couple in the middle (members) found us randomly and bought us all expensive Mexican food before we left. He wanted to serve us in return. So sweet. SLC just happened to snow a ton on the morning that we would leave the MTC. We woke up at 3:30am and rode trains/ commuted our luggage for the rest of the day. However, because of the snow, the pilot was 3 hours late to work. He got to our flight 45 mins late and then we were driven around in the airplane on the track for 3 hours while they deforsted. They realized something was wrong with plane. By this time, another flight was about to leave to SF. We boarded that one. On that plane I was seated next to a sister and another guy going to Macau. We were able to really get to know Him and it was as if his whole life had been prepared for that moment. We taught him the restoration. It was very powerful. All of his experiences and personal opinions were truly guided by Heavenly Father. I am thankful that I could help with His work, and plant another seed into this person's heart (Dad analogy from phone)

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