Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 25

I am so excited for conference! We get to see it this coming weekend, a week after you do. They show them in the stake centers.

This week we did exchanges. I went to Hung Sui Kiu area. However, I have been very sick with sore throat and other things I am not sure what exactly it is but I am almost better. Today we hiked Lion Rock Peak! Beautiful hike in Kowloon Tong with great view of Hong Kong city. We have had lots of good experiences and I've learned many things.

I love D&C 93, for anyone looking to study a scripture. I have been growing so much, and know that I will never be the same :) This mission is definitely throwing all my weaknesses at me and helping me overcome them. And preparing me for my future. Its funny how well God knows each of us. He places people especially in our lives who strengthen us and help us to grow, and who we can uplift as well. And it is funny because even members/ investigators are able to really uplift us and answer prayers when we need it. Heavenly Father really watches out for us. And I am thankful for my mission.

Sister Wilcox

cat pens

Sister Hoxer's dog jacket, toucan sweater and fox jammie pants
Interesting asian food
My stylish companion folding flowers for a relief society event as we wait in the Hung Sui Kiu building for Zone 24s exchanges.
English class with Elder Aldridge and Petersen!
Tin Shui Wai apartment (zone 24s exchanges)
Exchanges with Sister Lo
Megabed in Tin Shui Wai apartment
How I feel about "Megabed"... I'm pretty sure this is a health hazard. And against the rules? Lol we are working on fixing their apartment (also cockroach infested. eek) Our apartment truly is blessed
Flowers for a relief society get to know you encouragement
Best family ever (easter package!!!) I'm happy
Hike to Lion Rock Peak
My companion, Sister Villasin and I, which picture of me do you like the best? If you click on the view pictures before and after these close ups of me and my companion to enlarge them, maybe you can find me posing or waving in the rocks.

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