Saturday, April 16, 2016

Week 26--One Third Mark

Daihga hou!

I am one third through my mission. It goes by so fast. This is an experience like no other. Literally hardest times but also best times of my life. Transfers are in two weeks. The language comes very well for me (everyone is astonished when I say I have been here for 4 months, they think it must have been at least a year... I am pretty fluent. Just learning more vocal. I boast not of myself. It is literally all God's blessings. It is funny, because I can't speak German anymore. I try to say something and chinese comes out. I can't remember any of it anymore. Most people don't SYL (always speak cantonese) but we are supposed to. My companion haven't been doing it as much lately because we have been up and down all the time (super super sick all of the time). But we are a bit better now! We just have to press forward and work even when we have no more strength to go on. He will give us the strength that we need. (We don't have the best numbers in the zone like last transfer, but are working our very hardest!). Our area isn't in the main city so most people don't speak English. However, people are still always surprised that I speak Cantonese. Take lots of pics in Costa Rica!!! So cool. We are not allowed to learn characters until 9 months in.

This week was great. I learned a lot about obedience and hard work. I have been able to get a lot done in the member book/ area book (which has been a lot of starting from scratch since I've started in Tuen Mun). General Conference was lovely and so healing in every aspect (spiritually, mentally, etc). We have had a lot of funny experiences with meeting people tracting (a model doing kung fu in the park... also some former investigators randomly running into us and wanting to be scheduled again). There are literally so many miracles around us every day. I am excited to start recognising them a lot more thoughtfully at the end of each day. The sacrifice of a mission is everything to me. I think we should all be willing to sacrifice our whole lives for this gospel. We are so blessed, and God has given us everything to be thankful for. I am thankful for my weaknesses that allow me to be strengthened and grow so much (2 Cor 12:7-10). As stated in conference, in life Opposition is an Opportunity for Growth. I have been learning a lot about family and the blessings that go along with that commitment. Hard work leads to happiness and health. Our recent convert is making friends and attended General Conference. Obedience is like a strength to us and allows us to see and become our true divinity. Zone Training Meeting was really great. We have great leaders and I am thankful for their service. (They asked for quotes and put it on a picture of us flexing, and so I gave them a kesha quote.... lol. I didn't know why they wanted the quote. But I wrote my favourite quote by Jesus on the side of my picture (Matthew 7:5).

TG Understanding, Wisdom, Guide

Sister Wilcox

emailing in the giant apple store on pday

Near the little doctors office we went to in Yuen Long. Little Market. typical
Sister Hoxer ate jellyfish. Didn't like her face afterwards. lol.
We made a mango float (Filipino companion for the win)
Went to the temple today!
Investigator getting makeup done before her singing performance
Another room= practicing dancers
Yee Lin!!!
Us teaching English class
Nightly bonding
I'm getting a baby strap thing like this for my future husband. Behngyahn jeuhk lidi sih(sick people wear these masks)
Waiting for General Conf!
She doesn't like pictures
Zone Training Meeting
Cool posters our zone leaders made for our theme this month--being flexible in our approaches. Lol. Sorry you'll have to flex to read them!!
Funeral. My umbrella from Austria died (it rains hard here)
Ice skating rink in the mall!

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